May Edition: Some Favorite Things

I’m going to keep my May’s Favorite Things post short and sweet, because I’m feeling a little shaky and jittery – welcome to day 2 on the Whole30. I can tell this cleanse is making a difference already though; I had no intestinal discomfort yesterday for the first time in months!

Running Related Favorites

1. Thorlo Experia socks.  Last month, I had the worst blisters form and re-form on my feet; I’m wondering whether the Pro Compression Low Trainers caused them, which is sad because their Marathon socks have been fantastic for me.  I decided to use my Sports Authority coupon to buy some new socks, and these Thorlos have been magic for me.  No new blisters, no matter how fast I run!  I also love the cushy padding around the ball/ heel areas of the foot.
Thorlo Experia socks

2. Yurbuds.  See my review on my Klutchclub post; these earbuds do not fall out of my ears, no matter how much I’m sweating! They’re also easy to de-tangle when I forget to use a cord wrap because their cord is much thicker than a normal headphone cord.

3. My Kinvaras. I can’t get over how fast and light I feel in these! Nothing makes me want to go running like a new pair of sneakers :) To read about other sneakers I’ve run in, read this post.

Other Favorite Finds

1. It Starts with Food – This is basically the Whole30 manual.  It talks about how Dallas and Melissa Hartwig came up with the program and why certain food groups are prohibited on the plan.  I can definitely say it is changing how I think about food, nutrition, and why I eat.  If you’ve ever found yourself eating for comfort or stress relief or because you’re craving something (but not hungry) and beaten yourself up about it afterwards, I suggest you read this book!

2. Larabars.  I loved these before for their simplicity of ingredients and great nutty taste, but I appreciate them even more now because they are one of the few processed foods I can eat on the Whole30.  They’re very easy to make though, so I might try making some homemade varieties soon! Favorite flavors: cappuccino, cashew cookie.

3. Vitamelts.  I dunno if the Energy one does anything for me, but the Sleep tablets definitely do the trick for this insomniac (most of the time).  Bonus – they’re both tasty!! I’ll be skipping these for the next 28 days though as they contain Whole30 prohibited ingredients.

No real flops this month! I didn’t find the Halo Headband I got that impressive (I still get sweat in my eyes), but it performs just fine.  I could live without it, though – I think I’m just not a headband kind of girl.

Did you find something great this month? Or something that didn’t live up to your expectations?

whole30 day2


4 thoughts on “May Edition: Some Favorite Things

  1. DistrictSweats

    Good luck with Whole30! I’m considering starting it after my next vacation. Just need to find a workable pescatarian-friendly meal plan.

    1. Dawn H.

      Whole30 is definitely pescatarian-friendly! If you rotate your protein with beans/ dairy now though, it might get old eating fish every single day. Thanks for the good wishes :)

    1. Dawn H.

      It’s not for everybody! I needed desperate measures to cut my sugar addiction. What do you run in now?

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