It’s National Running Day – go run! And sign up for a race.

Morning Workout

– 5 easy miles outside for National Running Day

A 2014 Race

I signed up for my first 2014 race today. Rock ‘n’ Roll races are $20 off for National Running Day, so I signed up for the RnR USA half in March!  Megan at Meals and Miles has a post with all the other running/ race deals today; go check it out! Also, you can log your miles today for your state on Run Now – help your state win!

whole30 day3

I had a great post planned out for today, but well, this splitting headache is making it tough to write.  Today was a tough day; I was fine in the morning but right around lunch time, my  head started throbbing.  Just in time for my lunch meeting.  I usually pack my lunch, but today I planned to get a salad from the food court so I could get lunch with my coworkers (brought some sliced up chicken sausage and cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar from home to top the salad).  It was HARD walking through the lunch line without grabbing a bag of chips, or putting a few croutons on my salad!  I’m sure this is the longest I’ve gone without grains.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a real post, I promise! In the meantime, here’s a picture of Kitty with her catnip toy.



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