A Whole30 Week of Eats

This was a really interesting week for me, food-wise.  It was tough avoiding all grains and dairy, among other things, but not as difficult as I thought! Even on this restricted diet/ cleanse, there’s so much good stuff to eat! So here’s what I made and ate during my first week of the Whole30.


On Sunday, I made a Sweet and Savory Quiche that lasted from Monday through Friday.  The recipe was easy to make and delicious, although I didn’t get the sweet flavor from the cinnamon.  It was even better topped with Tessemae’s BBQ sauce! I barely missed my usual morning oatmeal :)


tessemae bbq sauce

For the weekend, I treated myself to Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Egg.  I could eat this for every meal!

sweet potato hash


For lunch, I made this easy peasy Tuna and Avocado Salad from NomNomPaleo and packed seaweed sheets to make wraps at lunchtime.  The only thing I changed for the second batch was a little less jalapeno.  I can tell this will be a go-to meal when I want something simple, because all you really need is tuna and avocado and it’s full of delicious protein and healthy fat!


I got to vary my dinner quite a bit this week.  I made a big batch of cauliflower rice, which served as a base for several meals, paired with some protein and vegetables.

cauliflower rice

Paired with some chicken sausage and salad one night:

salad and cauliflower rice

Mixed with some ground beef and topped with a sunny-side up egg with leftover brussel sprouts another night.


Luckily, smoothies are still in! This one was frozen cherries+frozen banana+almond milk+sunflower butter.  Unfortunately, I don’t really like sunflower butter – it doesn’t taste good to me.  I’ll hide it in smoothies to finish the jar.

smoothie with sunflower butter


I think I’ve been snacking less (I have less options to mindlessly munch on), and my snacks are high quality and filling now.  I relied on Larabars for fast snacks.  My favorite flavors are Cashew Cookie and Apple Pie.  I ate a few nuts if I was very hungry, and a few strawberries after meals if I was craving something sweet.  One night I made Sweet Potato Fries – a total decadent treat! And I blended up frozen bananas to make “banana froyo” on the weekend to share with Mike.

sweet potato fries

banana froyoI did make a mistake this week; I was very hungry at work on Day 4, so after lunch I went to CVS to find a snack.  I picked these up after reading ingredient lists for most of the nuts in the store:pistachiosAnd after munching on them for a few days, I re-read the ingredient panel and realized that I had somehow missed the SUGAR on the label!

Guys, there’s sugar in everything.  About the only nuts I can buy now are un-roasted (they’re usually roasted in peanut oil) and un-flavored to avoid the sugar.  I didn’t beat myself up or start over (I didn’t eat that many) – I just handed the bag of pistachios to a very happy Mike.  Live and learn!

I felt hungry the first few days, but I think that the sensation was more craving/ missing carbs vs actually being hungry.  After a few days, I found myself eating less often and feeling satisfied after meals.  It was freeing to stop counting calories! Some lessons I learned this week:

Lessons Learned From Week 1

1. Ghee is delicious and fun to cook with :)


2. Protein is definitely more filling than carbs.

3. I still eat too much sugar in the form of fruit.  I’ll work on subbing veggies for fruit next week!

4. It’s nearly impossible to eat out on this diet since you don’t know what’s in the food – sugar? corn starch? soy?  On Saturday, I managed by getting a lamb salad from Medi with no cheese and dressing (I asked if they used any sugar in their marinade for the meat and they said no).  I added balsamic vinegar, olive oil and some avocado at home.

lamb medi

5. “Whole” unprocessed foods taste good and feel good! I mean, how good does this packed breakfast+lunch look?


I’ll be back on Monday with my Week 2 shopping list and what’s cooking in my kitchen.


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