Goodbye to an old and faithful friend

Morning Workout

– 5 miles easy on the treadmill (~10 min pace)


We Say Goodbye…

This past week, I decided it was finally time to say goodbye to our old blender.  I bought this Hamilton Beach single-serve blender in the fall of 2008 when we decided to start the Abs Diet and drink lots of smoothies.  I loved it because it was the perfect size to make about a 16 ounce smoothie.

hamilton beach blender

Over the last five years, it has gotten tons of use! It’s been used almost daily, and sometimes up to 4 times a day.  But at last, I decided that the motor and/or blades were starting to fail since it could no longer handle blending the usual frozen banana and almond milk.  So I looked into ordering a slightly more powerful replacement.  I also wanted to replace our large blender and get a single machine that could do both smoothies and larger blender jobs.  After spending an hour on the Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon websites, I found the Ninja Professional Blender!

ninja blender


I love that it comes with two smoothie size cups and a larger pitcher.  The feet of the blender suction to the countertop, making it extra secure, and the motor is EXTREMELY powerful.  It’s a lot louder than our other blenders, but it also does the job in far less time!

ninja blender


The first thing I decided to make was banana froyo, which always takes some effort to make in the food processor (start chopping, scrape down bowl, process some more, scrape down bowl, repeat 2-3 times, add another banana and repeat).  In a matter of 3o seconds, this baby turned two frozen bananas into silky smooth banana froyo!!




I was SOLD.  Like, I want to become a Ninja blender salesman (or saleswoman, I guess).  Since then, I’ve made smoothies (took 10 seconds) and Larabars (took a little more effort since the dates were so sticky – about a minute) with ease.  I think almond butter might be my next undertaking!

Do you use a blender? What do you make in it?


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