Long Beach Marathon Training Begins!

UPDATE: I’m no longer running the Long Beach Marathon – I’ll be doing the half instead.  You can find my new training plan here.

Last Week’s Workouts

workout log

A hectic weekend + insomnia for three days resulted in my skipping planned runs on Friday and Saturday.  I had hoped to run closer to 20 miles to build up my running base for marathon training starting this week, but I feel pretty confident that my general fitness level is high enough that I’ll be okay.

Last year, I might have obsessed over skipping planned workouts and tried like crazy to somehow make them up by adding to runs in the coming week (“I can still do this! I’ll just run 8 miles on Monday and 20 on Tuesday!”), but I’ve learned that the best way to have a great week of workouts is to forget about the previous week altogether (whether I did it or not).  Leave the past in the past.

And that’s especially important because on Monday, I started training for the Long Beach Marathon!

My Marathon Training Plan

I love training plans, and I’m especially a plan of Hal Higdon’s plans – he’s run a ton of marathons and has used his expertise and experience to create marathon training plans for every level.  I used the Novice 1 plan to train for my first marathon last year, and it was perfectly manageable for my level as a new runner.

So it came time to pick a plan this year, I headed straight to Hal Higdon’s website and considered my options.  Novice 1? Been there, done that.  What I wanted was a plan with MORE running but no required speedwork.  I also wanted to do a few more 20 mile runs, to get comfortable with the long distance (Novice 1 had only 1 20 mile run).  I briefly toyed with the idea of doing the Hanson Method, but didn’t feel that I was ready to do all that speedwork and six days of running just yet.  I also felt that I needed to go up to 20 miles (Hanson’s longest run is 16) a few times to psychologically prepare myself for the distance.

I ended up picking Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 2 Training Plan.  It’s a significant mileage increase from Novice 1 with 5 days a week of running vice 4, and three 20 milers.  It’s a big step up from last year, but because I’ve had a great “off” season and learned a lot about running over the last year, I’m up for the challenge! I’m hoping that the extra mileage will help me get to my goal of a 4 hour marathon (that’s about 40 min off from my time last year).

I adapted the plan a little to accommodate some races I’d like to run.  I like running races during training because it helps me to gauge my progress and possibly set some more PRs :) I’m also planning to add some speedwork – I’ll do a tempo run each week, either Monday or Tuesday, keep doing intervals on Thursday, and pace runs (a run at desired race pace) every other Friday.

marathon training plan

I’m really excited to have something to train for again, and I’m looking forward to giving it my best shot. Marathon #2, here I come!

Do you follow training plans when training for a race? Which one(s) do you like?

When you skip a workout (or two), do you try to make it up or just look ahead to the next one?


6 thoughts on “Long Beach Marathon Training Begins!

    1. Dawn H.

      I’ll let you know what I think of it! I hear the full marathon course is not THAT interesting.

  1. It looks like a really good training plan! Two long runs a week it seems like – although sometimes thinking about 10 miles seems like a lot! I’m sure you will do great and I agree with your philosophy to just forget the previous week and focus what you can do this week.

    I always have to tell myself that when I’ve had a crummy weekend and am feeling poorly about my bad eating habits or laziness over the weekend! It’s just like I have to tell myself, “ok new week – time to reset” so I appreciate that.

    I’ve been looking for another 1/2 marathon to run – I am SO intimidated by a full! How do you get over that?!

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