Whole30 Week 2: Eats and Some Mistakes

Happy Friday! Hope my East Coast buddies are all okay – it appears the storm missed DC yesterday.

I definitely did not feel the need for grains/ sugar this week with all the delicious food I was eating.  My week 2 goal was to eat more veggies and a little less fruit.


Mike made me an awesome frittata with chicken sausage, leeks, broccoli, and mushrooms! This was a really filling breakfast.  On the weekend, I ate a smaller serving with sweet potato hash.  Veggies, check.


frittata with hash


I tried making zucchini noodles after being inspired by Allison at Wicked Healthy Washingtonian – I was skeptical as to how closely zucchini could approximate real noodles, but I ended up loving these!! I loved the texture of the zucchini – almost better than real noodles! The sauce was ground beef with cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and bell pepper sauteed with a little salt, pepper and coconut aminos for great umami flavor.  And this dish had TONS of vegetables.

zucchini noodles zucchini noodles


I tried NomNomPaleo’s slow cooker roast chicken with gravy recipe – the gravy is phenomenal! I found the chicken to be okay, but I think my chicken was closer to poached than roasted (no crispy skin).  The gravy though, made this recipe worth it.  For a side dish, I tried roasting my first kabocha squash (Kristin aka STUFTmama raves about these, so I had to try one).  It was insanely hard to chop up – it’s a winter squash – but the flavor! It’s like roasted chestnuts.  I sliced it up and roasted it with coconut oil, salt, pepper, and lots of cinnamon.  One kabocha squash lasted me all through the week (I still have plenty!).

kabocha squash chicken and gravy


I snacked a little less this week than last week, I think.  I made some Gingerbread Bars, similar to my beloved Larabars, using this recipe.  Lots of great flavor from the spices!

gingerbread gingerbread

I also ate some fruit, like strawberries and bananas, and enjoyed coconut water for the first time.  I’ve had this before, but never appreciated its sweetness.  Now it might as well be Gatorade :)

coconut water

Oh no, mistakes!

I thought I was doing so well, but this week, I finally took some time to read the guide and found some mistakes I’ve been making…

Vanilla Extract – I used this in the gingerbread bars – has alcohol!
ZzQuil (I knew this had alcohol, but really needed some sleep)
Gum – they all have sugar or artificial sweeteners
Banana Froyo – you aren’t supposed to create healthy versions of “unhealthy” foods

I am going to cut out the banana froyo, because I do see the logic of breaking old habits.  I’m still going to chew gum/ eat breath mints so I don’t scare my co-workers away with my egg-y breath ;) And I think there’s so little alcohol in vanilla extract and Zzquil (and I don’t use them very often) that I’m not going to worry about that.

Lessons Learned This Week

The biggest lesson I learned this week is that I don’t need sweets after every meal, not even fruit.  I eat more slowly, savor my food, and try to enjoy the natural sweetness in my meal instead of scarfing it down and looking for something sweet to “finish the meal”.

whole30 day 12


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