A Bad Fall

Urgh.  I had my first fall while running this weekend, and to say the least, it was painful =( I woke up early for my run on Saturday, met up with the I Run, You Run group at the Roosevelt Island parking lot at 7:30 AM, and got right into my stride.  One mile in, I was chatting with a fellow runner, pacing around an easy 9:30.  We were having a great time, and then when we got to Hains Point, we decided to run along the water instead of on the road.  Right off the bat, we could tell it was a bad idea – there were tons of branches and detritus strewn on the path, and chunks of the path were missing along the water, so if you weren’t watching where you were going, you could plunge your leg into the river.

I was jogging along and watching where I was going, but then I stepped on a slippery patch and BAM – I was sprawled on my belly :( My knees were aching, and my right elbow stung badly enough that I knew I had broken skin.  The other runners gathered around and were really supportive – we all walked a little after we got back on the path (went right up to the road this time) – but I found that I could and wanted to keep running since we were only 5 miles in with 5 left to go.  If it’s going to hurt walking or running, might as well get to the car the faster way, right? Anyway, I had a strong finish to the 10 mile run and really enjoyed running with the group, despite the fall.  10 miles goes by so fast when you’re chatting with people!

10 mile splits

Anyway, I bandaged up my right elbow and babied my left knee, which was pretty bruised and beat up.  After aspirin and constant icing on Saturday and Sunday, my knee felt much better and I was able to make it to hot yoga on Sunday night.  My Mind Your Body Oasis intro month pass is almost up! I’m deeply grateful that my injuries weren’t worse and won’t de-rail my second week of marathon training.

First Week of Marathon Training

I did a ton of running this week :) I’m up to 5 days a week and I stuck pretty closely to my training plan.  The only thing I changed was moving my rest day from Thursday to Wednesday this week because I didn’t make my early wake-up on Wednesday morning, lol.

workout log 1

I’ll be alternating every other Friday with a pace run – meaning the whole run is done at my desired race pace of ~9:00 min/mile.  I’ll also occasionally switch my tempo runs to Tuesdays so I get some longer tempo runs in.  That’s it from me today! I’ll be back tomorrow with another Whole30 post…today was day 15!! Still going strong, although I would kill for a bowl of cereal right about now.


7 thoughts on “A Bad Fall

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks Hannah! I’m doing fine now – I managed to run 3 miles this morning so I think my knee is nearly recovered. We really shouldn’t have been on this little slippery path…I imagine other trails are a bit safer!

    2. You can never quite tell what you’re going to come up against… Hopefully next time everyone will avoid those kind of slippery paths and prevent any injuries! Good luck with your marathon training Dawn!

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