Whole30 Week of Eats 3

Hey guys, I haven’t been blogging much at all because work got really busy and my knee injury (worse than expected) has kept me from running for several days :( Depressing, but hopefully I’ve rested it enough that I’ll be back to lacing up my sneakers by Monday! Anyway, eating-wise, I’m still really enjoying the Whole30 and I think I’ll stick to a lot of these principles after this is done (no grains, mostly no dairy, eat mostly meat/seafood/ veggies/ fruits/ healthy fats).  So here’s what I ate this week:


I was getting a little tired of frittatas, so I switched things up and made a banana chia pudding.  This was delicious and filling, but not an ideal meal from a Whole30 perspective since it had no meat or seafood (you’re supposed to eat a serving – about a palm-size – of meat or seafood at every meal).  I soaked the toppings (raisins, cashews, almonds) for a few hours in water, and made sure to stir the chia mixture several times the day I made it to ensure the seeds were distributed throughout the pudding.

banana chia pudding toppings banana chia pudding


Some sweet potato hash topped with fried eggs on the weekend.  Sweet potatoes are quickly making a regular appearance in my shopping cart! They’re versatile, tasty and filling.

sweet potato hash



Lunch was an AMAZING broccoli soup! I didn’t have curry powder on hand, so I used lots of cumin and a little turmeric instead.  I topped it with the leftover chicken from last week (again, probably needed more meat in this meal).  If you try this, don’t skip the coconut milk – it gives the flavors a ton of depth.  Mike loved this dish.

broccoli soup broccoli soup



Mike made me a big steak at the beginning of the week and I chopped it up for salads and occasionally swapped the steak out with some canned salmon to mix up my protein sources.

Here’s one topped with sweet potato hash:


This salmon is quite good.



Another night, I had leftover broccoli soup with steak and avocado wrapped in sesame leaves (aka perilla aka kaenip in Korean).  My parents used to grow sesame leaves in the backyard, and I still love their fresh, refreshing flavor and scent.  They pair really well with meat.  Have you tried sesame leaves?

steak with sesame leaves



I made a batch of Lemon “Larabars” this week – I’m a lemon liker (not a lemon lover), but the lemon flavor in these was so mouth-watering and refreshing! I patted them down into muffin liners for easy lunch packing.

lemon larabars lemon larabars


Another day, I treated myself to some sweet potato fries! Still can’t figure out how to get these to be more crispy (oven-baked).  Any ideas??

sweet potato fries


A Typical Day of Eating

I’ve been keeping a food journal to note when I eat (and what I eat) to think about WHY I eat.  According to It Starts with Food, I shouldn’t be eating like 6 times a day – closer to 3-4.  Eating more often indicates either that (1) my meals aren’t filling enough or (2) I’m craving something, so I eat.  I know this is a lot of thinking about food, but I think that’s part of what the Whole30 is all about – thinking about our eating habits and whether we’re actually hungry when we eat.  So I tracked what a normal day looked like for me this week:

6:15 AM Wakeup (later than usual since I couldn’t run much of this week)

6:45 AM Coffee, sweet potato hash with 2 eggs, a banana

7:30 AM Go to work!

11:45 AM Broccoli soup with strawberries

1:30 PM Lemon larabar with some more almonds and raisins

6:00 PM Salmon salad with a fig and plum

I realized I eat really soon after lunch, and some days it’s because I’m still hungry, but mostly it’s because I want something to munch on.  This next week (final full week!) I’m going to work on larger lunches and no snacking till dinnertime.  That will be a huge change in habit for me, since I used to snack after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner…



10 thoughts on “Whole30 Week of Eats 3

  1. wickedhealthywashingtonian33

    You probably posted it in a previous entry- but how do you go about making your hash? The idea sounds easy enough but you seem to be a pro at it at this point so I figured I’d ask the expert! It always looks so good (as do all of your meals though- lets be real).

    1. Dawn H.

      Hey Allison, it’s so easy! I peel the sweet potatoes, chop them so they fit into my food processor feeding tube, and then use the shredding blade. After it’s all shredded, I saute it with a little bit of coconut oil, salt and pepper and sometimes either paprika or cinnamon. It takes about 5 min to cook in the pan. Thanks for the compliment- I’ve been eating tons of “real food” and it’s all been delicious. Loving the zucchini noodles I discovered from you too :)

    2. wickedhealthywashingtonian33

      Ahhhh thank you so much! I don’t have a shredding blade (unfortunately) on my food processor but I could probably finagle something with it or my big grater that I have. I’ll let you know when I attempt some type of something ;)

  2. Sister J

    I can definitely relate to your snacking woes. When I was at school, I’d have my two or three daily meals and be just fine. But when I’m at work, my mind wanders, my body doesn’t move, and I feel like I need something to eat, simply to stay awake.

    Keeping the oven door cracked open slightly while your sweet potato fries bake could help with the crispiness. I think I remember reading that it has something to do with “allowing moisture to escape”. Yay for pseudoscience!

    1. Dawn H.

      Oo thanks for the tip J! Yea, and after hearing for so long that I need to eat 6 small meals a day to keep blood sugar optimal, it’s been tough switching to just 3. I think it’ll be worth it though, just need more will power :)

    1. Dawn H.

      Feeling great, actually. No “tiger blood”, but my digestive issues are gone and I don’t crash every day around 3 pm. Most of all, I’m realizing how delicious unprocessed food is, and discovering the myriad ways to cook real food :) Thanks for the encouragement!! I wouldn’t have thought to try this if I didn’t see how well it worked for you.

    2. I felt the exact same way. No slumps, digestive issues were gone, my skin cleared up a little and I was sleeping much better. It definitely shows you how much the foods we eat REALLY do affect out bodies. Keep up the good work!

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