How to Train When You’re Injured

Marathon Training Week 2 (last week)

So, last week’s workouts did not go as planned.  Instead of running 27 miles over 5 days, I managed only 8 miles over Monday and Tuesday, and when I went outside to go running Wednesday morning, I realized that I couldn’t walk without limping! My knee injury from last Saturday’s fall is more serious than I thought :( I spent a lot of time on the spin bike and just resting instead.

workout log 2


This Week’s Plan

My knee is unfortunately not any better (managed a very slow 3 miles on Monday, but I think I shouldn’t run AT ALL the rest of this week to allow the injury to heal).  So…

I could mope around, wishing every day that I could go running.


I could be grateful that I have a healthy body.  

That God has given me a love for exercise.  

That my digestive problems are gone and I feel better than ever on the Whole30.

That this injury and running hiatus are only temporary.

That my gym (within walking distance) has a TON of fun fitness classes and lots of great equipment!

Yea, option 2 seems better to me too :) It’s all about the attitude.  So this is the plan for this week:

Mon – Ran 3 miles

Tue – Interval training on the spin bike (3o min) subbing for 3 mile run

Wed – Spin class at gym (1 hr) subbing for 6 mile run

Thr – Aqua Zumba! I’ve never done this before, but it sounds like fun.

Fri – Stairmaster (1 hr) subbing for 6 mile run

Sat – Mix of stationery bike + erg (1.5 hr) subbing for 8 mile run

None of these workouts are really able to replace the run I was supposed to do, but they do enable me to to at least maintain my fitness base (if not running base) by keeping my legs in good shape for when I get back to running, and cross training other muscles to challenge my body.  As great as biking is as a cross training activity and occasional substitute for running, I didn’t want to bike all the time either – I know I’d get bored.  Hence Aqua Zumba and the Stairmaster, which I find insanely hard for some reason.

And on a happy note, this arrived in the mail yesterday.

julienne peeler


I’ve been using the mandolin to make zucchini noodles, but it’s a pain to clean up and I keep slicing my fingers on all the sharp parts, lol.  This gadget will make my veggie noodle experiments a cinch :)

Have you used a julienne peeler before? Any ideas on what to make besides zucchini noodles?


2 thoughts on “How to Train When You’re Injured

  1. Way to go girl. I am proud of you for staying positive through your injury. I too thank God for my love of running… pretty much every day. :) We are blessed my friend. Keep up the good work and I will pray for your healing!

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks for the prayers – I can really use them right now. I’m gonna see a doctor next Wednesday and recover right :) isn’t it cool that our love for running (and blogging) connected us across coasts?

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