Happy Independence Day!

Hey guys, Happy 4th of July! We spent our day in probably the most unpatriotic fashion ever – lounging around at the Korean spa, lol.  We’ve done the whole bbq and fireworks thing in the past, and I guess with the 4th falling on a weekday and knowing that we had to go to work tomorrow, we just got lazy ;) We are, however, planning to fire up the grill this weekend! Be prepared for epic meat pictures.

In contrast to our lazy, un-American day, I spent the day reading possibly the most appropriate book ever –



It’s (obviously) about the American Revolution and our declaration of independence – really well written and interesting, but I don’t feel compelled to read it very quickly because, well, I already know how the story ends, lol.

What are you guys reading this summer?? Any great “beach” reads?

Whole30 recap coming soon, promise! The fun hasn’t ended yet…I spent the afternoon today making my own salad dressings and Paleo mayo.


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