Week of Eats

Hey guys, the weather in DC has been nuts lately! My phone keeps buzzing at night with “Flash Flood” alerts and warnings.  Given that we live on a double-digit floor, I’m not too concerned. We had plans to see Carmina Burana and Pictures at an Exhibition performed by the NSO last night, but since we purchased outdoor seating on the lawn, we decided not to go :( We got our dose of culture by watching hours of TV instead.  Is anyone else watching Graceland, the new USA network show? I like it! Interesting characters, lots of suspense.  I’ve gotta confess, I’ve also been watching Devious Maids – I can’t help myself, I was addicted to Desperate Housewives so you know I love my satirical trashy TV :) It’s okay if your opinion of me just lowered several degrees.  There’s an intellectual side to me too, I swear.

So, time for some yummy pictures! Hope something I made this week inspires you to get busy in the kitchen!


I was super busy at work this week, so I made breakfast easy for myself – Chia Banana Pudding, which takes me 20 seconds to make in the blender.  It’s banana blended with almond milk with some dates as sweetener (you could use honey or sugar if you want), with chia seeds mixed in afterwards to thicken it overnight into pudding.  Chopped nuts and dried fruits stirred in add some crunch and extra sweetness!  I follow Savory Lotus’s recipe to the letter, but I soak the toppings directly in the pudding instead of in water.

chia pudding


It’s a very filling breakfast, thanks to the chia seeds!


I needed to pack a cold lunch early this week, so I opted for easy Chicken Salad.  This version was just chopped cooked chicken (pan-fried with a little salt and pepper), chopped green apple, raisins, and some sauteed onions mixed with a little homemade mayo.  I packed some lettuce leaves in a plastic ziploc bag along with the chicken salad to eat it wrap style.

paleo chicken salad

After the chicken salad was gone (and it didn’t take long, I love that stuff), I made some Asian Spinach Pork Patties (similar to this one from NomNomPaleo) using veggies I had in the veggie drawer – carrots, cremini mushrooms, green onions, and frozen spinach.  I was afraid the coconut flavor from the coconut milk and coconut flour would be overpowering, but you barely taste it after cooking.  Need proof? My coconut-hating husband liked it – I didn’t tell him what was in it ;) Served with some Asian cabbage slaw, roasted kabocha squash, and homemade Paleo ketchup on top.asian pork patties



I went out on a limb and made NomNomPaleo’s Korean Slow Cooker Short Ribs.  I ate short ribs growing up, and I’ve made it a few times as an adult (usually in a pressure cooker or regular pot), so I was concerned that this recipe wouldn’t taste like the dish I was used to because the slow cooker tends to mute flavors, and I tried using coconut aminos instead of soy sauce.  But guys, this was right on! Sooo tasty and fall-off-the-bone tender.  My only comment? Don’t let this cook overnight. The aroma will wake you up and make you unbearably hungry (sorry Mike!!).  If you don’t have 9-11 hours till dinnertime, you could make this dish  in a pressure cooker in under an hour.

korean short ribs

Another tip; if you want to skim off the fat from a stew like this, buy a fat separator! The fat stays at the top while you pour out the liquid with less fat from the bottom.


Another option, and I usually do this anyway, is to refrigerate the liquid until the fat congeals and solidifies at the top.  Then you can just scoop the layer off with a spoon and toss it or use it to cook with.  Short ribs are a VERY fatty dish! For the sake of your heart, don’t make this dish every week ;)



Okay, I’m off for my first long run in three weeks! Wish me luck, guys.  I’m going to be really careful not to repeat my fall on the rain-slick roads.


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