Surviving a Hot+Humid Long Run

Is anyone else having trouble feeling motivated to work out or run with the heat and humidity? I know I am, lol.  I ended up delaying my run from Saturday morning to Sunday out of pure laziness ;)


I had all sorts of fun planned for Saturday, but ended up cancelling all of my plans thanks to a crazy and random attack of  heartburn.  I’ve never had heartburn before; I had to google my symptoms to figure out what it was! And then go out and buy some Pepto-Bismol.  I avoided spicy foods and added some more carbs to my meals to try and absorb some of the stomach acid.  I thought yucca fries with my favorite Peruvian chicken would do the trick, lol.  FYI, I don’t think fried foods help with heartburn, but I did feel better after the yucca.

peruvian chicken


We watched Here Comes the Boom while eating dinner and really liked it. It’s funny; I don’t watch or follow sports, but I have yet to watch a sports movie I don’t like.  Remember the Titans, The Blind Side, The Mighty Ducks – so motivating and inspiring!


I got my act together on Sunday and went for my first long run in a while.  I knew that the humidity was like 90% and the temperature about the same, not to mention I was coming off a knee injury, so my only goal was to run slowly and finish 10-12 miles.  I started off very slowly, and my legs took about 3 miles to warm up, but by mile 5, I was chugging along! I didn’t bring any gels, but I had two bottles on my belt and I took walking breaks for water every 1.5 to 2 miles.  I rarely looked at my watch, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I maintained an overall pace below 10 min! My goal pace for the long runs is about 1 min slower than my marathon goal pace, which is 9:11.

12 miles splits


I don’t think I drank enough water (20 oz) during the run, because my feet and hands were very swollen by the end.  I have THE WORST blood blisters on my feet right now…I’ll spare you guys and not post a picture.  You’re welcome.  I’ll be bringing more water, possibly coconut water for the electrolytes, and some form of carbs as my runs get longer.  And rubbing Vaseline or anti-chafe balm on the sides of my feet.

I was pretty hungry an hour or two after the run, so we decided to use a Groupon for Red Holic, a relatively new addition to the Korean fried chicken scene in Virginia.  It’s in a super-Korean plaza in Annandale, complete with a PC Plaza (gamers play for hours here, at least in Korea), billiards cafe (my dad hung out at these when he was growing up in the old country), and bakery.


The restaurant had such a cute decorating scheme inside! It’s a bright, clean and cozy space.

006  007


Our coupon was for 2 salads, a dumpling dish, and a chicken dish to share.  My worries about whether it would be enough food were groundless – it was plenty! We got to pick our chicken dish, so we opted for half fried chicken and half yangyum chicken (fried chicken with a sweet and sour sauce).  Our server was pleasant and attentive and we walked out happy and stuffed.

008  009  010


This is gonna be a short work week for me, since I’m going to NY to visit my family on Wednesday! I’m sure I’ll be posting silly pictures with my siblings later this week.  Stay cool, friends!


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