Marathon Training Week 7 + Get a Free KlutchClub Box

Hey guys,

I had a great couple of days back in NY! My siblings and I were helping my mom to clean up the house (she’s hoping to put the house on the market sometime next year).  I helped paint the garage doors, work on the grout, and donated our old tube TV to Best Buy.  Whew, owning a real house is a lot of work.

We also took a trip down to NYC to see Mike’s cousin’s baby, the first of the next generation.  She is adorable!


Training Through a Heat Wave

I know it’s a little cooler (at least in DC) than it was over the last week, but I wanted to share some of the great tips I got in my inbox from Coach Jenny Hadfield about how to train in the heat!

  1. If the Heat Wave is short duration (one week), modify your training plan by making it a cutback week in mileage.  Cross-train more, run shorter, easier effort workouts and shorten your long runs (ex. 6-8 miles).
  2. Take your mid-week runs inside to the treadmill.  It will allow you to run with better quality, recover more quickly, stay on track with your training and bridge the gap between training workouts.
  3. Employ intervals to keep your body temperature low.  This is what ultra runners do to deal with the extreme heat in the Badwater 135 Ultra Marathon.  The hotter the temperatures, the shorter the intervals – it’s all about running with quality, getting through the workout safely and avoiding heat related illnesses.  If you run continuously, add 1-2 minutes walking intervals every mile.  If you already run-walk, modify your ratio to more walking and less running (ex. from 5/1 to 3/2).
  4. Train like a Floridian.  Commit to getting out there early and find your optimal training/racing season.  Their warm climate running bodies are well acclimated to the heat but they still train at the wee hours (4am) of the morning to prevent heat related training detours.   If you’re a heat-challenged runner, consider shifting your target races to the cooler seasons in the spring and winter and mix it up with multi-sport races or shorter distances during the summer.  You’ll be shocked at the quality of your runs and race performance when you’re not fighting the heat.  It’s all about tailoring your running life with the flow of your uniqueness.  Some runners thrive in the heat, others suffer.  And that can shift as we progress through life.  I used to train without much stress in the heat and it’s completely opposite these days.  Knowing how your body responds to the heat allows you to make better training decisions and run and race at your best throughout the year.  Be safe out there.

I already do #2 and #4 regularly (I wake up at 5:30 for my runs most days), but last week, I also followed tip #1 and cut back my mileage quite a bit.  So I’m looking forward to getting back to my training plan this week and putting some more miles on my sneaks.

Training Plan (Week #7)

I’m still sticking with the Hal Higdon Intermediate Plan #1, and this week’s plan looks like this:

Mon – 4 miles (3 mile tempo) + ab work

Tue – 7 miles easy

Wed – 4 miles + yoga

Thr – rest

Fri – 7 miles at marathon pace

Sat – 14 miles with the running club

Sun – rock climbing

The shorter runs (4 miles) will be done on the treadmill, but I’ll do the other runs outside, provided it isn’t raining :)

BTW, KlutchClub is offering a promotion that ends today – order a free “Best Of Box” Klutchclub box by using the code ZZBACKTOSCHOOL! I think you just have to pay $8 for shipping, but the box is free.  They have options for men, women, and a special box for moms!


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