A Mental Reset

The Mental Game

I lost my mental game this weekend.  Maybe you can relate.  I had a great week of training right up until Saturday.  Saturday morning, I got all ready for my 14 mile run, met up with a new running group, and ran fine…for 2.5 miles.  Maybe it was because I was still sore from Body Pump on Thursday.  Maybe it was because the blisters on my feet were hurting.  Maybe it was because I felt a little intimidated/ out of my league when I learned my running partner had run Boston twice.  For whatever reason, I stopped at 2.5 miles and told my running partner that I would catch up in a minute.  Instead, I turned around and made my way back to Iwo Jima.

I can’t tell you how much that walk back hurt.  I knew that I had lost my mental focus.  Yes, running is a physical sport, but like most sports, succeeding is all about your will to hang in there and beating out the voices telling you to quit, take a break, slow down.  As I walked back and passed group after group of runners going the other way, starting out on their long runs, I realized that I didn’t have the mental game to do the marathon this year.  I didn’t even end up running the 5K in the evening.  I spent too much time out with my knee injury and blisters, and now I’ve lost my focus.  I could force myself to stick to my schedule, but I won’t enjoy the long runs, and maybe I’ll come to dread the distance, which is NOT what I want.

So I decided to change my focus and mentally reset myself.  I’m going to dial back the Long Beach Marathon to a half, and focus instead on enjoying my runs and building a little speed.  This is what my new plan looks like:

summer half marathon plan


I’ll still be running the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in September and the Long Beach (now half) in October, with a few smaller races sprinkled in.  To be honest, I’m having a hard time with my decision because it feels a little like I’m giving up, that I’m failing to meet a challenge.  But in the long run, I want to enjoy running! I want to be EAGER to run the marathon next year and be ready to push myself, mentally and physically.  So I know this is a good choice for me right now.

On a happier note, we ate some awesome food this weekend.

Weekend (Food) Pics

Lamb pita from Medi Friday night (obviously not Paleo, but totally worth it):

001  002


Seafood from the DC fish market:

004  006Mike cracking some oysters open



Sushi from the Korean market:

008  005Lucy hoping for a taste :)

I also made some paleo plantain pancakes Sunday morning! They looked and tasted very much like pancakes, just a little sweeter.  I used this recipe here.

011  012After a weekend of refueling and rest, I’m ready to get back on trails/ treadmill and give my races all I got! Marathon, I’ll be back for you next year :)



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