Sleeping In

I’ve gotten into a bad habit lately…it looks something like this:



I can’t seem to wake up in the morning! I’ve found myself sleeping through my alarm and pushing my workouts to the evening.  Last week went like this:

Mon: 4 miles easy, treadmill (9:20 pace)

Tue: 3.75 miles tempo, 1 mile warmup, treadmill (8:35 pace)

Wed: 3 miles easy, treadmill (9:43 pace)

Thr: Rest

Fri: 3 miles pace, treadmill (8:50 pace)

Sat: 5ish slow miles on the treadmill (had some knee pain, stopped the run early)

Sun: Body Pump and some abs before church, afternoon yoga

I was happy to get all my runs in after work! Hopefully this week’s training goes just as smoothly :)

Shakes and Shakes

I’ve been in the mood for shakes lately! They’ve been making an appearance at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Friday dinner: Banana Honey Smoothie (frozen banana+honey+plain yogurt+milk)



Saturday lunch: Tropical Green Smoothie (frozen banana+berries+yogurt+kale+milk) – smoothies taste better in the smoothie cup!



Saturday dinner: We had homemade Sicilian pizza at Alexa and Andrew’s! Sicilian pizza, or sfincione, is distinct because of the traditionally square shape and the layering of cheese under the sauce (rather than on top, as on a “regular” or Neapolitan pizza).  Andrew’s version, passed down from Alexa’s dad, includes lots of garlic and onions.  It was delicious! Recycled pic from a prior pizza party (I forgot my camera).sfincione


We brought a summery salad with fresh strawberries, candied pecans, and goat cheese.  Have you ever tried flavored goat cheese? I was faced with a bunch of delicious sounding flavors at the supermarket, and after much going back and forth, I picked an herb (herbed?) goat cheese.  I liked it quite a bit, and would love to go back and try the honey goat cheese.



Sunday Lunch – After church, we felt in the mood for brunch.  We headed over to Granville Moore’s in DC for some mussels! It’s a bar with a grungy, unfinished look to it…


but the food is legit! We got a large order of fries to share (they come with a fantastic array of dips).


And the mussels.  Of course you have to dip bread in the broth.  Of course.  Mike and E got the blue cheese mussels, and I opted for the cheese-less marinere version, which is just white wine, garlic, herbs and butter.  We agreed that while the blue cheese mussels were more flavorful, the marinere broth was tastier.


014 cropped


I thoroughly enjoyed all that food, but by dinnertime, I wasn’t that hungry.  Time to break out the blender again! I made another round of Tropical Smoothies (more blue this time?).



What’s your go-to meal during the summertime?

Favorite DC restaurant? Mine is Toki Underground, without a doubt! I could eat there every day.


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