Beating the Blerch

I really liked the Oatmeal’s comic on running, which I posted about on my Friday Funnies post.  He talks about his blerch, which is the “fat little cherub” that follows him when he runs, tells him to slow down, or to stay in bed because he “deserves” the rest somehow.  Well, I have a blerch too, and we battle some weekends.  My blerch reared his fat little this weekend, and convinced me to have a rest day on Saturday (he had all sorts of good reasons, believe me).  But I went to bed on Saturday, determined to beat the blerch on Sunday.  When I woke up on Sunday, it went something like this:

Battle of the Blerch

6:00 am – alarm goes off.  Blerch: “wow, don’t you feel tired today? i think you need more sleep.  you know, sleep is good for the body!” Me: “uh-huh, I hear you”.  I stumble into the bathroom and wash my face, put on sunscreen, tie my hair into a ponytail.

6:10 – Blerch: “maybe you should just wait till after church, and then you can do the 9 on the treadmill!” Me: “I know if I don’t go now, I’m not going to go”.  I walk into the kitchen and gulp down a tall glass of water, followed by a spoonful of peanut butter with raisins.  More water.

6:30 – Blerch: “well, maybe you don’t need to do a long run this weekend.  why are you doing this anyway? wouldn’t it be fun to just stay in and watch law and order all day?” Me: “I did that yesterday.  And I felt like I did absolutely nothing by the end of the day.  I want my runner’s high today!” I get dressed in the clothes I laid out the night before and get the water bottles from the fridge.

6:40 – Bathroom break.  Blerch is silent, trying to come up with new excuses.

6:50 – I’m heading out the door, as Blerch mumbles something about wanting to just stay inside.  At this point, I’m already thinking about my favorite running trail and the glorious feeling of my sneakers connecting with the pavement.  I’m remembering the sense of victory and accomplishment I get at the completion of each mile and at the end of the run.  And Blerch’s voice fades away until I can’t hear it anymore.

Do you have a blerch? What do you say to fight your blerch?

I’m off to eat breakfast! I planned out some tasty Paleo meals for this week; I didn’t really enjoy the food I made for myself last week, so I found myself buying lunch a little too frequently.  Not this week – I’m eating tasty chorizo and sweet potato hash for breakfast, and epic salads for lunch.  Smoothies are on the dinner rotation, along with garlic rosemary lamb chops.  I haven’t made the chops yet, but I’ll post a pic when I do! Inspired by this recipe here.  Check out my Pinterest (button on the right sidebar) for more tasty Paleo meals I’ve found around the web!

Chorizo, sweet potato and egg hash, served with a peach on the side


Epic salad, with a million ingredients.  Jalapeno and mango chicken sausage heated up and added on top before lunch!



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