Free Quest Bars!

Ever since I’ve been on my semi-Paleo kick, the only kind of bars I’ve been eating are Larabars, which are made of all natural ingredients.  I love Larabars, but I also really liked Quest Bars, which are known all over the web for their tastiness (and gluten-free-ness, if that matters to you).  I tried my first Quest Bar (PB&J) down in Atlanta and really liked both the taste of the bar and it’s brownie-like texture after microwaving! So when I saw a link in an email from Sweat Pink for two free Quest Bars, I couldn’t resist! It’s absolutely free, including shipping, so if you like Quest Bars or haven’t tried them yet, give them a shot and let me know what you think.  Don’t forget to microwave them for 10 seconds!


In other news, I am not running the Leesburg 20K this weekend, because my youngest brother-in-law is flying across country to hang out with us for a week! The Potomac River Running race coordinator was wonderful and let me transfer my registration to the Reston Perfect 10 ( you pick 10 miles or 10K) instead, so I’ll be running that between my two half marathons.  As much as I’ve been enjoying focusing on speed and being done with my weekend long runs in less than two hours (!!), I’m already feeling the marathon bug.  So I KNOW I’ll be ready to train for my second marathon next spring :)


7 thoughts on “Free Quest Bars!

  1. Okay, I’ve tried the choco PB one and I wasn’t in love…it was kinda hard/brick like and very bland tasting. I really want to love these bars because with all the fiber I’m sure they’re super filling and a great snack! Maybe I chose the wrong flavor.

    1. Sister J

      Chocolate flavors fall on a spectrum of rich and dark to kind of chalky and artificial. Maybe you’d like lemon cream pie next time :)

    2. Dawn H.

      Oh, that’s too bad. Thanks for the intel ;) I heard from around the web that the bars are just okay when room temperature, but that microwaving takes them up to the “dessert” level!

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