A Perfect Long Run

I had a perfect long run this weekend.  A few things might have contributed…

1. Pre-Run Fuel

D, my younger brother-in-law, came into town this week, and we went out on Friday to celebrate his birthday at Ray’s the Steaks! They have fantastic burgers as well as steaks, and D, a very picky eater, rates these steaks as one of his favorite foods.  I opted for a burger with roasted garlic spread and charred jalapenos, which was delicious, but I think my sister-in-law E got the best side – roasted bone marrow!

004  003   005  002

I went to bed early to get plenty of rest before my 10 mile run the next morning.  Before bed, I set out my running clothes and some water and fuel for the morning.  My pre-run fuel of choice – banana and peanut butter, yum!


2. Running with Friends

Last year, I did all of my runs solo, which was fine because I had a lot to think about.  This year, I was determined to join a running group to help motivate me and push my pace.  My running group moved their start time to 6 AM at the start of the summer, which is a little early for me, but a few folks still meet up at 7 AM, which is perfect.  I missed the running group last weekend because I was too lazy to go running on Saturday, and as a result, I found myself stopping a lot during my solo 9 mile run.  I really wanted to run with the group this weekend to prevent that from happening, so I bit the bullet and set the alarm for 5:45 AM on Saturday.

I met up with the group at the Roosevelt Island parking lot, and found that another runner was also planning to run 10 miles at about a 10 min pace.  I kept pace with Kingsley and chatted the whole time, and the time flew by! So glad I went!

3. Perfect Weather

I’m so grateful that the weather has been cooler lately.  This summer has been a lot better than last year! The weather was perfect during the run; cool and slightly shady.


I kept a pretty steady 10 min pace and only stopped once for water.  I’ll definitely be back next Saturday for my 9 mile step-back week!

10 mile splits

The run definitely worked up my appetite, so I made a batch of Greek Yogurt pancakes when I got back.  Soo good.  I used Toasted Coconut Vanilla Greek yogurt to add some flavor.  Served with a peach and green juice on the side.

009  010

How did your run go this weekend?


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