Half Marathon Training Week 10 + Switch It Up

Hey guys, it’s been a month or so since I posted a training log, so I figured it’s about time to start them up again! I love reading other people’s logs and seeing their progress; it inspires me to keep going with my own training.  The last week I posted was Week 7 (when I was still training for a marathon).

So here’s how last week went:

workout log


I’m still kind of all over the place, and I’ve started subbing a cycling class for an easy run day because it allows my blisters to heal.  I think I’m finding four days of running is my sweet spot right now, so I’ll keep doing that until I want to increase my mileage.  As long as I get my long run, my pace run, my speed workout (tempo or 400 meter repeats), and one other run just for increasing my running base, I think I’m in good shape.

Speaking of which, the Competitor had an article about the three runs you should be doing each week.  I’m doing all but the hill training, so I might add that in after my half marathons are done! If you feel like you’ve hit a rut and you tend to do all your runs at the same speed, try adding a speed workout (tempo, interval, fartlek, etc) or strength workout (hills) to switch things up!


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