Goals for the Week

Last Week’s Workouts

I had a pretty solid week of workouts last week.  I’ve continued to sub a cycling class for an easy run day to give my knees (and feet) a rest from running and hopefully prevent injury! I loved the circuit I did on Thursday – you can find it here, at Peanut Butter Fingers.  It takes all of 15 minutes to do 3 rounds, and I felt like puking at the end.  Success! My long run this weekend went really well too; I managed a faster speed than last weekend, which felt awesome.  Love doing my long runs with a group!

weekly log

Some Workout Goals This Week

For some reason, this year my body is feeling particularly run down; my joints ache a little while running, and it takes me longer to recover from a hard workout.  So I’m starting to take a few steps to strengthen my body overall, aside from running.  Here’s some of the non-running stuff I plan to do this week:

1. Abs and Core – 3-4 times this week (up from 0-1, lol).  I’m going to try this little workout I found on the Women’s Health magazine website.

2. Strength workouts (apparently good for the knees) – twice this week.  I tried this one out on Sunday, and it just about killed me, so I’m going back for seconds on Wednesday.  Love/hate burpees.

3. Quality time with my roller – daily.  I got back into foam rolling this week after realizing once a week yoga wasn’t helping my tight calves and hips that much, and 5-10 min with my roller every day has made a HUGE difference! I have two – I use the regular foam roller for rolling out my IT band, and the bumpy one for my calves, back, hips, quads, and everything else.

foam rollers

My other goal this week is to not get sick…I feel a little cold coming on, so it’s time to bring out the zinc and vitamin C!



Any good tips for preventing colds?

Any opinions on the Farmer’s Almanac forecast for a very cold winter this year? I don’t put much stock in long term weather forecasts (even the 10 day forecast is usually off)! But I found myself browsing for extra-warm winter running gear today anyway ;)


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