Destination: Williamsburg!

Hey guys, sorry for being so MIA lately.  I haven’t felt motivated to do anything lately – blogging, running, cooking, cleaning, etc.  Only about two of those activities have been getting done, and I’m not sure where the rest of my time is going, lol.  Anyway, we planned a short vacation to Williamsburg this weekend, and had so much fun! I wanted to share some of the activities we did and places we ate in case you’re thinking of going.  My brother T just started his freshman year at William & Mary (congrats T!!) and it was a great excuse to visit!

We got ourselves in a vacation mood on Thursday night with a sushi feast from Harris Teeter.  Their rolls are actually quite good, and it’s what we get whenever our stomachs are in the mood for sushi, but our wallets are not ;)

From the right: crunchy shrimp tempura, dynamite roll, Hawaiian roll


Close-up of the shrimp tempura roll


Not too shabby, right?


We woke up on Friday and hit the gym – a pace run on the treadmill for me, and some time on the bike for Mike.  With that out of the way, we stopped by the Luna Diner in Shirlington for breakfast before hitting the road! I’m on a savory breakfast kick right now, so I got the corned beef hash with eggs and toast.


I’m pretty sure the corned beef hash was straight out of a can, but I was okay with that because I LOVED this stuff growing up!


We arrived in Williamsburg around noon, and headed to Carrot Tree Kitchen for lunch.  Travel note: I had looked up well-reviewed restaurants on Yelp and TripAdvisor and put them on our loose itinerary beforehand! I wasn’t very hungry after such a large breakfast, so I opted for the Tomato Basil soup, which I loved.  And we had to try their carrot cake, of course.  Mike, who is a carrot cake connoisseur, pronounced it delicious.  It was moist, spicy, and just the right amount of sweet.

023  026

Our next stop was to pick up T! I wish I had taken more pictures of W&M’s campus – it is gorgeous and historic-looking and right next to Colonial Williamsburg.  Apparently (and maybe this is rumor) you can live in Colonial Williamsburg housing for free if you’re willing to wear period costume.  Anyone know if this is true?

We drove a few miles north of Williamsburg to Toano to play some laser tag at Tactical Adventure Games (TAG).  This place was like laser tag combined with Call of Duty (not that I’ve ever played) and was easily the most fun we had all weekend! The staff set up all sorts of games (“missions”) for us, and the area was a huge warehouse that had been converted into an urban environment setting, complete with trucks, crates, and lots of walls and alleyways.  I made us all take pictures in our gear, blogger-duh.

029  030  028

We played three rounds ($48 total for the three of us) and walked out sweaty and happy.  We headed back to Williamsburg for some dinner at Oceans and Ale.  By the way, I love how compact Williamsburg is – aside from our trip to TAG, which was in a separate town, we didn’t drive more than 5-10 minutes from one place to the next.  Oceans and Ale came highly recommended to us by the locals, and it didn’t disappoint.  They have some fantastic beer, and we all loved the crab guacamole dip with warm pita chips! I got fish tacos, which were amazing! I liked their take on fries too, which were cut into rounds and perfectly fried.

032   033  035

We dropped T back off on campus and we headed to our hotel, the Courtyard Marriott near Busch Gardens, just a few miles south of Williamsburg and a great deal.  My only complaint would be that the air conditioner was a little loud and woke me up at night, but the room was clean and the bed was comfortable.


We headed over to Aroma’s Cafe for breakfast, another favorite with the locals.  After trying their grits topped with poached eggs (cheese-less for me) , we could see why! They also had a wide selection of biscotti, perfect with a cup of coffee.

039  038

Our next stop was Colonial Williamsburg, which was a must-see.  I had visited before as a little kid, but didn’t remember much.  We were both amazed at how much knowledge the staff had to share! They definitely weren’t “just” actors – they knew their crafts and constantly researched to find new items and information about the time (just before the American revolution).  Our favorite stop was the weaver, because the staff were incredibly knowledgeable about fabrics, thread, dyes, and weaving techniques of the time.  In fact, they spin and dye their own wool and cotton thread (threads?) – with authentically produced dye!

041  042


1770s Tums!


We also got to watch a parade of drummers and fifers.  I couldn’t believe how young the kids were, and how perfectly they performed while marching down the street.  That takes dedication, as does wearing the full costume on a very warm day.


I was raised by my parents to never, ever skip a silly photo opportunity.  Done.

045  046

After a full morning of sight-seeing and some lunch at the nearby Cheese Shop, we picked up T and headed over to Pirate’s Cove for some mini-golf!

054  056  058  059

It was a lot of fun and I liked the well-designed course, although none of the holes were particularly challenging on their own.  But I brought my complete inability to putt to the game, so there’s that.

We headed to Giuseppe’s for dinner afterwards, a semi-great Italian restaurant.  Their main courses were fine, but their calamari and lentil soup were amazing!


My dish: Pappardelle with bolognese – the noodles were a little too al dente for me

T’s dish: meatballs were just okay (kind of tasted like Chef Boyardee…)



Yea, just go for the lentil soup and the calamari.  And the bread, actually.


I went for a 12 mile run on Sunday morning, and I wish I had planned more of the route to be NOT along the highways, because most of my run was on narrow (or non-existent) shoulders with cars driving past.  I would have preferred to run around Colonial Williamsburg and the W&M campus a couple of times instead, but I got it done!

When I got back, I found that Mike had picked up bagels and lox and a latte from Aroma’s! It’s why I married the man :) We enjoyed our breakfast and got on the road to head home.

Perfect mini-vacation.  We’ll definitely be back! Favorite dish from the weekend: the grits.  Love the stuff.

Favorite food from a can? 

I lived on Bush’s Baked Beans and corned beef as a kid! Now I should probably pick something grown-up, like coconut milk…


4 thoughts on “Destination: Williamsburg!

    1. Dawn H.

      Oh nice! It looked like a nice and safe area to go to school, and we loved visiting. Looking forward to going back :)

  1. Sister J

    You’re back!! I’m way jeal- looks like you guys had a ton of fun!! Also, this made me crack up: “But I brought my complete inability to putt to the game, so there’s that”, as did the description “semi-great”. Lolol.

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