Some Pics From the Weekend

Saturday was my husband’s birthday.  At his request, the weekend was filled with seafood, sushi, and games at home.

013Mike’s new obsession – Jenga

014How amazing is this.  We should be architects.

IMG_20130921_113652_007Mike wanted lots of seafood for his bday on Saturday.  Hanks Oyster Bar for lunch! We loved the assortment of oysters and learned that we prefer Virginia oysters (less briny) to the others we tried (Boston, British Columbia).  This state is growing on us :)



Buzz Bakery in Alexandria was our next stop.  So many choices!  How cute is the White Rabbit on the left!

015We came home with the Dark and Stormy (top) for me – crystallized ginger, rum, lime filling – and the Peanut Butter (left) and the 9:30 Club (right), which is chocolate cake, chocolate ganache on top, and cream filling.  I found the Dark and Stormy way too sweet and couldn’t taste any of the ginger/ rum, and the lime filling was quite sour.  9:30 Club however, is our favorite cupcake in the DC area – moist and chocolate-y.

After lunch and dessert, Mike went to the golf range and I went for a quick 5 mile pace run outside.  Best pace run in weeks! I think the cooler weather is really helping me.  Dinner was a much anticipated return to Sushi Taro.  Mike’s favorite food is sushi, and mine is ramen :) High-brow meets low-brow.


025Tempura appetizer was perfectly fried, light and crispy.

024Sweet potato beer! So many dimensions of flavor.  Does that even make sense? It sounds like a foodie thing to say.

021How cute is this soy sauce container!! I couldn’t stop commenting on it; I think the waitress was amused at my complete fascination.  They’re lucky I didn’t take it home.  By accident.

026Sushi and wasabi.  At Sushi Taro, you have to pay for extra wasabi, and that’s because it’s the real stuff freshly grated from wasabi roots that take over a year to grow like six inches.  It’s slightly sweet, not extremely spicy and much more flavorful than fake “wasabi”, which is horseradish mixed with soy and food coloring.  I’m a little obsessed, and thinking about trying to grow my own wasabi roots.


After an amazing dinner, we came home and finished season two of Game of Thrones.  Happy birthday Mike! I’m looking forward to spending a lifetime of birthdays with you.


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