Week 15 Workout Log – On My Way to Long Beach Half

I had a pretty poor week of training two weeks ago (pretty much ran once in the week leading up to my half marathon), so I was determined to make it up this week! I decided it was time to move my runs to the AM again before work, because my motivation to work out when I get home is about zero.  It ended up being a great decision!


Sunday: PM Power Yoga @ gym

This was my first yoga class in about six weeks and WOW – did that first downward dog hurt.  I had no idea just how tight my calves were, but by the end of class, I was feeling much better.  Time to start going to yoga regularly again!

Monday: Rest

I wasn’t quite ready to cycle or run two days after my half marathon, so I took a well earned rest day.

Tuesday: AM 8 X 400 meter repeats on treadmill

This was a great interval run, and I did my 8 intervals at speeds between 8:00 to 7:35 and did a mix of walking and jogging in betwee. I’ve found that while I like doing tempo runs and hill runs outside, I prefer doing interval work on a treadmill because I find it easier to let the machine set my pace.  Maybe someday I’ll be better at doing these outside, but doing it on the treadmill guarantees I’ll finish the workout.  Done.

Wednesday: AM 4.5 miles outside

I did these easy miles at a 9:30 pace and was thankful for the cool fall weather in the morning!

Thursday: AM Strength Workout

I realized I had been skipping strength as much as I had yoga, so I added it back in this week with Julie’s Total Body Superset Workout, which takes me all of 40 minutes and left me sore for days afterward! Time to start doing strength regularly again, too…

Friday: Rest

I was super-sore after that strength workout, so I pushed my pace run to Saturday and long run to Sunday.

Saturday: AM 5 mile pace run outside

This was my BEST pace run ever! I’ve been doing these on the treadmill so far, and often found myself pausing or slowing down, but the weather was so nice Saturday morning that I decided to take it outside.  My desired pace was 9:10, which is what I would need to maintain to run a 2:00 half marathon.  But after my first two miles came up sub-9, I decided to push myself and see what happened:

Mile 1 – 8:51

Mile 2 – 8:58

Mile 3 – 9:00

Mile 4 – 8:55

Mile 5 – 8.53

average pace of 8:55!

Started with a quarter mile warmup and half mile cooldown.  No science in that, that’s just what my body felt like that day.  I found that the key for me in maintaining my pace was focusing on just one mile at a time and telling myself continually not to lose focus.

Sunday: AM 11 mile long run outside

I decided to explore a new path on Sunday, so I went down Four Mile Run trail towards Jefferson Davis Highway, and found it unexpectedly beautiful.  It runs right along a river, and I saw ducks playing in the water in the early morning sun.  At the end, it connected to the Mount Vernon Trail, and I saw a TON of people sporting Camelbaks and bottle belts – all Marine Corps Marathon runners, since that’s the big one around here this fall!  I kept an easy pace and finished in 1:49, average of 9:55.

All in all, it was a great week of training, and I think switching my runs to the mornings again and doing most of them outside made all the difference.  I’m going to be better about doing yoga and strength once a week as well.

What was your best run this week?

Favorite trail in Virginia/DC? Mount Vernon has my vote so far!


2 thoughts on “Week 15 Workout Log – On My Way to Long Beach Half

  1. Alexa

    That tool for displaying your weekly training looks so cool. What is that and how do I get it!? Also, while I don’t run a ton of trails, I do really like the Mount Vernon trail. Going towards Rosslyn you can see the monuments. Going towards Alexandria and you can see Reagan National Airport. Either way, it’s busy enough to make you feel safe but not too crowded that you can’t run, and the view along the water is nice. I hear it gets hilly closer to Mount Vernon, but I’ve never been able to run far enough to know for myself :)

    1. Dawn H.

      It’s the Profile view from DailyMile.com – I like it! The Mount Vernon trail is gorgeous and peaceful, and I love seeing all the other runners training for their races!

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