The Good Stuff – September

I can’t believe it’s October already! This summer, and year, have just flown by.  I’ve been trying to take time to remember the good stuff before we forge on ahead into October and the fall.   So here’s some of my favorite moments from September.  And there’s 10 of them, because I’m a rabid avid Monk fan.  It’s a jungle out there, it’s a jungle out there…

1. Weekend Trip to Williamsburg

We had a blast visiting Tim in Williamsburg earlier in the month and touring Colonial Williamsburg! But my favorite memory is from the TAG center – it was so much fun.


2. Lionel Richie Concert

Alexa and I scored cheap tickets to Lionel Richie (he’s on his first tour in seven years!) at the Patriot Center, and we loved the performance.  He definitely knows how to entertain and maintained a fun atmosphere for everyone! While I didn’t know most of the songs, I found some new ones to love and enjoyed singing to the ones I did know – who doesn’t love to sing Hello? On the way out, we found out that Robin Thicke is coming in February, and immediately arranged another concert date :)


3. The Speedwork

I nailed my speedwork this month! Awesome pace and tempo runs – and training myself to run just one mile at a time made all the difference.

4. Reston Perfect 10

My first 10K, so an automatic PR for the distance, but the course and weather were perfect for me and I exceeded my expectations with an 8:42 pace.  Also, my favorite race t-shirt thus far!


5. Mike’s Birthday

I’m so lucky to celebrate another birthday with this man.  After seeing my dad pass away at a relatively young age, I don’t take years and birthdays for granted anymore, because we just don’t know how much time we have.  I hope we live to celebrate another hundred of Mike’s birthdays!


6. The Zoo with Katie

We love free stuff, and we love zoos, so a free zoo is just about as amazing as it gets.  When’s the baby panda gonna come out??


7. The Happiness Project

I love Gretchen’s project to find more happiness in her life, and before I had to return the book to the library, I learned a lot from it! Weirdly enough, I learned a lot from the “Parenting” chapter.  Hopefully I retain some of the lessons for when I have my own kids – stuff like “acknowledge what they’re feeling instead of just saying no”.  I also liked the “Marriage” chapter, and am planning on sneaking some of her tactics on Mike, hehe.  Just kidding; it’s a lot of changing your own attitude and accepting what isn’t going to change, etc etc.  There’s a lot of good ideas in here though, and I liked actually thinking about what makes me happy.


8. My Anti-Blister Project

I now own just about every anti-blister product on the market, after a summer of horrendous running blisters.  I think I might have found a solution…testing it on my 12 mile run this weekend.  Stay tuned to find out which of the products below did the trick!



9. My First Command Coin

I can see why people collect these things.  It feels like giant money.  Side note, I would love to get a giant check someday, mostly because I want to drag it into the bank and try to push it across the counter to the teller.


10. My Siblings :)

I got to see both J and T in September! They are definitely my favorite siblings and two of my most favorite people in the world.  It’s weird to think about how we’re all getting older – J has a job, T is in college, I’m hunting the aisles for wrinkle cream – kiddingnotkidding.  It’s trippy to imagine what we’ll be like 40 years from now!


So those are my favorites from September.

So what’s your favorite memory from this month?

What are you looking forward to in October?

I was going to talk about what I’m looking forward to this month, but this turned into an epic post on its own, so I’ll do that later!


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