What Love Looks Like

What do you picture when you think of love? Maybe roses, wedding bands, a hug? This is what love looks like to me:


Weird, right? Let me explain: my meat & potatoes loving husband decided to make dinner the other night, and he opted to buy vegan sour cream to accommodate my lactose intolerance.  I’m pretty sure he’s never bought anything labeled “vegan” or “vegetarian” in his life before! So, that’s what love looks like to me :D

Weekend Fun

I spent Friday night at Sportrock Alexandria with my church’s rock climbing group. The last time I went rock climbing was when I took the Basic Skills class with E this past summer, so I pulled out the rope they gave us to practice my knots before taking the belay test.  I was pretty nervous, but I passed! If anyone needs a belay partner at a Sportrock gym, I’m now certified :) I had a great time with the group; I ended up spending the better part of three hours learning proper climbing technique from a few of the more experienced climbers in the group – I’ll share some tips as my technique improves!


The only bad part was that I fell off the top of the bouldering wall and bruised my left knee, which caused me to skip my long run this weekend =\ I think one missed long run won’t hurt me too much for the race *fingers crossed*

We went over to Alexa and Andrew’s on Saturday evening to celebrate Andrew being cleared for all physical activity – he had surgery on his ankle a few years ago and it has been a long road back to recovery.  Alexa and Andrew are also signed up for the Pittsburgh Marathon, so Andrew made a “healthy” (less cheese) marathon pizza with the Pittsburgh bridge laid out in red peppers! There was also a “normal” option with proscuitto, for those more dairy-inclined.

011 012

We also took turns trying out this contraption.  It’s a reverse incline bench used to stretch out the back and ease back pain.  Even one minute on a low incline was enough to send the blood rushing to my head!  Alexa was kind enough to model for me :)

013 014

The weird things we do when we get together.  We also did normal things, like eat dinner, watch Game of Thrones, and play Creationary (a Lego version of Pictionary – it’s hard!).

My knee still hurt on Sunday morning, so I skipped my run and made myself a tasty bowl of oatmeal instead.  Gingerbread oats inspired by Katie’s recipe here – really warm and comforting!

gingerbread oatmealLunch was salad bar from Harris Teeter while Mike and I packed…

…because in a few days, we’re going to Southeast Asia! We’ll be visiting Singapore, Thailand, and going to a wedding in Malaysia (the impetus for the trip). It’s our big trip for the year and I’m both freakin’ excited and so nervous that we’ll forget to pack something really important.  Like our passports.  I have nightmares about this kind of stuff.  Wait, I’m just going to pack them now.

Okay, that’s better.  We also bought ourselves an early Christmas gift, in preparation for the trip:


A new camera! We’ve been wanting to purchase a better camera – something in between a basic point and shoot and a DSLR, and this Sony RX100 fit the bill.  It has tons of features that we still have to figure out, but it also takes great pictures without all the fine-tuning.  As soon as we got it out the box, I started taking pictures of my favorite photography subjects – our cats.

038 035

Lucy (in the first picture) actually likes getting her picture taken, I think.  She starts posing when I point the camera in her direction.  With Kitty (second picture) – well, I get what I get.

Hopefully you’ll see the photography on Sneaker Therapy drastically improve!

What’s your favorite photography subject?

Have you ever made pizza from scratch? Sprinkling cheese and toppings on a pre-made crust is as close as it gets for me.  So, we never say no to Andrew’s pizza parties!


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