Trusting Myself

Week 17 Workout Log

week 17 workout log

Monday: PM 30 min elliptical

Subbed elliptical for a short, easy run as always.

Tuesday: AM 10 X 400M interval run on treadmill

I did these intervals using speeds 7.3 to 7.9 on the treadmill with a 1.0 incline (I always incline the treadmill to compensate for the lost wind resistance of outdoor running), and did a walk/jog for 200 meters in between.  The whole speed workout was sandwiched between a half mile warmup and cooldown.

Wednesday: AM 5 miles recovery pace (~10:23) and PM Piloxing with Alexa

Piloxing kicked my butt so bad, my whole body was sore for two days afterwards!

Thursday: Well earned rest day

Friday: AM 3 miles pace run and PM Rock Climbing with church group

I meant to do these at a 9:10 pace, but ended up with an 8:59 overall average pace.  Hey, I’ll take it! I fell off the top of the bouldering wall while rock climbing, which is why this happened:

Saturday: skipped long run

I’ve felt guilty and bad since Saturday; I had to skip my long run this week due to a minor knee injury sustained Friday night.  Whenever I skip a run, particularly an important one like the long run, I go crazy trying to figure out how to make it up.  But I couldn’t run on Sunday (knee still hurt), and on Monday, I didn’t want to push it and risk further injury to my knee.  So…I skipped it for real.  And that scares me a little, because it was the last long run on my plan before my race on Sunday.  I feel less than prepared, but here’s the thing.

My body is prepared.  The last few weeks of training have been amazing, and I’ve been racing and running for 17 weeks.  So it’s time to mentally let go of that missed run, and trust that my body is ready.  I don’t want my mind to hold me back on Sunday, thinking I’m tired, I’d be better prepared if only I had fit in that last long run.  It’s time to leave last week behind and prepare for the week ahead.  So, here’s what this week has in store for me:

Monday: cycling class at gym

Tuesday: 5 mile tempo run (eek! my 4 mile one went well, but 5 feels a lot longer)

Wednesday: 4 mile recovery run, yoga in the evening

Thursday: rest

Friday: short, easy run after we land in LA (maybe about 3 miles)

Saturday: rest

Sunday: Long Beach Half!

I’m excited and nervous for my third half marathon! All I can do is make this last week of training a strong one :)

How are your runs going?? Best run this week?


2 thoughts on “Trusting Myself

  1. DistrictSweats

    I’ve come to believe that most marathon/half-marathon training plans are designed with a little cushion. Odds are, everyone is going to have some sort of training interruption due to injury, illness or whatever at least once during training season. But like you said, your body is prepared thanks to all the other hard work you’ve been doing. Good luck, and keep that running confidence high!

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