Our First Stop: LA!

Happy Friday! I’ve had a great week – it helps that my work week was only three days long :) Love vacation.  I also ordered my first Stitchfix box! Stitchfix is an online styling service where you fill out a questionnaire about your style and figure, and a personal stylist picks out 5-6 items for you and sends them in the mail.  You keep and pay for what you like and send the rest back (shipping and handling both ways is free).  You pay $20 for the service, which can be used as credit towards any items you purchase.

I like fashion, but it’s not easy to find clothes that look good on my petite frame, so I’m pretty excited to see what my stylist comes up with! I’ll be sure to post pictures when it arrives in December.

On the Way to Southeast Asia: LA and Plane Ride

This is the first in a series of posts on our Southeast Asia trip that I’ll publish throughout November – I hope you find some travel inspiration in our adventures! Instead of flying straight from DC to Asia, we made a stop in LA for my half marathon and to see Mike’s family.  I wore pretty much the same outfit for all of our flights throughout the trip (and there were a LOT!) – long scarf from H&M, comfy pants from Athleta, a tshirt, and a warm sweater.


Our time in LA was filled with great food and family and was over too quickly! Mike and I make it out to LA only once or twice a year and there are a few places that we always go to:

Seafood Town,



DSC00124 BCD Tofu (korean tofu stew) and Sushi Delight.  I also made a visit to the amazing farmer’s market in Torrance on Saturday to stuff myself on fresh fruit and tamales.  I wish we had a farmer’s market like this in Virginia…all the produce looked so fresh and there were some interesting vendors!

DSC00132 DSC00130 DSC00126 DSC00131

It felt like we did nothing but eat and rest the whole time, aside from my race on Sunday.  I was so touched that Mike’s whole family and even his cousin came out to watch and cheer me on.  After the race, we went to church where I had to try my hardest to stay awake, and then we celebrated with – you guessed it – more food!
DSC00226 DSC00222
Mike’s mom made Dungeness crab, which I’ve only ever seen on the west coast.  It’s a large crab, and the meat is delicious and sweet, but my favorite part is mixing some rice and spicy Korean sauce with the broth in the body of the crab.  Mmm.  After dinner, we played some games and Mike and I packed our bags for the plane to Asia the next day.

The Plane Ride

We got to LAX with three hours to spare (my husband likes to leave plenty of time for these sorts of things), and I wandered around the airport playing with my new camera.  The LAX international terminal is beautiful! I particularly liked this moving “painting” on the wall.
Before we knew it, it was time to board.  We flew Cathay Pacific for all of our long flights, and we were impressed with the service, entertainment and food! All of the stewards and stewardesses were extremely kind and helpful, and Cathay’s onboard entertainment system is amazing.  They had tons of movies and full seasons of TV shows – we were particularly excited to see season 3 of ‘Game of Thrones’! I had downloaded a few movies onto my ipad, but I didn’t even end up turning it on.

Over the 15 hour flight from LA to Hong Kong, we were served two full meals, and snacks and drinks (including cup ramen) were available whenever we wanted.  We were given 2-3 meal choices, and there was always a vegetarian option available.  This is what the typical meal looked like:

DSC00236 DSC00239Chicken with black bean sauce, rice, steamed mixed vegetables with potato salad, a warm dinner roll, and ice cream for dessert! I was impressed that the hot food was pipin’ hot and the ice cream was still frozen.  My sister would have disapproved but I ate all of it (she doesn’t eat or drink on planes/ buses so that she can avoid using the restroom!).  Overall, we were very impressed and would fly Cathay again.  Our 15 hour flight went by surprisingly quickly, and we transferred in Hong Kong to make our way to Singapore.  After another 3.5 hours in the air, we arrived in Singapore around midnight.

Singapore post coming next week!

Have you flown internationally? Did you find the food better on international flights than on American ones? For sure! We were surprised to get yet another meal on our “short” leg from Hong Kong to Singapore.  We fly from DC to LA and don’t get as much as a pack of peanuts for free.

Favorite brand or flavor of ice cream? Mine’s Baskin Robbins – love their mint chocolate chip! But since becoming lactose intolerant, I’ve started to favor Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt.  


5 thoughts on “Our First Stop: LA!

  1. Sister J

    Um as soon as I saw you mention airplane food my disapproval face switched on lol. But I am pretty impressed by the always-available ramen, as well as the ice cream….

    1. Dawn H.

      Yep! The larger lens definitely pulls in more light. We brought our other camera, but didn’t end up using it at all. thanks, we like the pics too!

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