Fall Training Plan: Preparing for Marathon Training

After my half marathon in October, I took a few well-enjoyed weeks off from running all together, and came back in November READY to RUN! But my marathon training plan doesn’t start till the end of December, so what’s a girl to do?  I decided to build a plan around a few goals for this fall:

1. Build my running base to ~25 miles a week by the end of December – since my marathon training plan (yes, I’ve already picked this one) starts with 24 miles right off the bat, I knew I wanted to have a comfortable running base before starting training.  It’s a bad feeling when you’re exhausted by just the first week of training! I also knew I wanted to build to running 5 days a week, since that’s what my plan calls for.  I’m willing to be flexible and trade a short run for the elliptical/ cycle if my body starts to protest too much.

2. Do a variety of runs – I get bored doing all my runs at the same pace, so I added in two speed/strength type runs each week: intervals, tempos and hills.  Varying your speed and incline are great ways to become a faster and stronger runner! I’m also planning to run two races, which will count as one of my speedwork sessions for that week.

3. Cross train – Cross training is important for runners; it helps us to recover from running and work out our muscles in different ways.  I’ll be doing some form of strength training each week, and making some time for yoga as well.

4. Strengthen my core and feet – My biggest fear for my next marathon is that I develop tendonitis in my foot again, either during training or the race itself.  To prevent that, I’m going to do some short foot exercises twice a week (more on that later).  I’m also aiming to do a short core routine twice a week, which is probably ambitious considering that’s two more times than I worked my abs this entire summer.

I love love love having schedules, so of course I drew up a Google doc for my next 8 weeks of workouts!

fall training planIt seems like a lot, especially because when I’m actually training for a race I don’t do much else besides running, but I figured that now is the time to build good habits like strength training and working on my feet because I don’t have the pressure of needing to complete each workout and my mileage is relatively low.  My new motto is “one mile at a time, one day at a time” so I’ll do exactly that – take one day at a time, and adjust the plan as I need to each week.

What are your running goals this fall?

Any other addicts to planning and schedules out there?



4 thoughts on “Fall Training Plan: Preparing for Marathon Training

  1. I love planning training schedules… I spend almost as much time on them as I do on the actual training! I’m about to start training for a spring marathon (Brighton Marathon on 6th April) and a Half Ironman (Challenge Weymouth on 14th September). I’ve got a half marathon this weekend, and then I’m going to start building up my training after that. I don’t mind doing the long runs, but I’ve been told that to get my swimming up to scratch, I need to swim 5 times a week!!! I may have no social life this year!h

    1. Dawn H.

      Woah, good luck training for the ironman (and marathon)! I bet that’ll take up a lot of your time, but you’ll be in crazy shape by the end! I am not a triathlete, but I’d imagine that swimming would easily be my weakest event.

  2. Alexa

    After recovering from a surgery in March and finishing physical therapy, my running goal for this fall is just to get a running base back. I want to take it easy so I don’t risk re-injuring myself or getting a new injury (I was on crutches for six weeks….I’m sure that didn’t strengthen my knee!). My physical therapist gave me the green light to run three times a week, 3-5 miles. That’s what I’ve been doing and I’m just trying to get back my comfort with it and drop my per mile time. Since I don’t want to push too hard with my running goal, I’ve also been trying to add in more strength training and cross training. I joined a new gym that offers some really fun classes and I just downloaded the Skimble workout app and love it!

    1. Dawn H.

      I think it’s smart to push yourself slowly so you avoid injury! I love that running can be a life-long sport, and I intend to treat my body kindly to make that happen =)

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