Weekend Fun + RnR USA Savings!!

Hey guys, quick PSA – if you want to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA (in DC) in March next year, sign up today and get $18 off with the code LUCKY13! RnR races have been $13 off on the 13th of each month this year, and there’s an extra $5 savings for signing up before early Dec.  Okay, now to the good stuff :)

I recognize that it is Wednesday, but here’s my weekend recap, lol. This was a busy, errand-filled, fall-cleaning weekend for us! We were very grateful to have a three day weekend to fit it all in, and now our place feels nice and clean.


I woke up on Saturday feeling really frustrated, because I had a “going out” night planned and my insomnia monster managed to keep me up most of Friday night, which meant that I was not going to last through Saturday’s fun.  But I decided to plan to go out anyway, and adjust if needed!

I started off the day with some food shopping and laundry (love getting chores out of the way), then ran out to Dick’s Sporting Goods to return a running top that I had bought online (this North Face one – great quality and very warm, but I felt it constricted my arms too much).  I made it all the way to the checkout counter without buying anything, and then spotted the honey stinger packets and ended up picking one up for a snack.  Verdict? These can’t be running fuel, because they taste so darn good!! I thought it tasted a lot like this Korean cookie (yakwa) that I love – honey sweet with a chewy texture.  I’ll be chomping on these during my long runs in a few months.


Mike and I then started the grand task of unpacking our winter clothes and packing up all our spring/ summer stuff.  See you in June, swimsuits and shorts. We also took this time to sort through our clothes and donate the stuff that we haven’t worn in a long time.  My rule is that if I haven’t worn it in the last two years, I probably never will and someone else can get better use out of it!

After getting some work done on our big cleanup, I headed over to the Sunrise Senior living center to play bingo with the residents with a few other people from my church.  We get this opportunity once a month and I jump at any chance I can to go – the residents a lot of fun to spend time with!

Dinner was one of our typical weekend meals:


The T.H.A.I. in Shirlington folks know us pretty well by now.  I wolfed down dinner and got ready for the pre-party at Vivian’s place – I was still pretty tired, but felt like I had caught my second wind.  We had a fun time at Vivian’s, rocking out to Rock Band (I love playing the drums!), but although I stuck to just OJ and water, I found myself quickly flagging and went home before our night on the town.  Mike was sweet enough to stay up to pick me up at midnight, but unfortunately on the way back we drove over a pothole and popped a tire! Thankfully, we made it home safely and I just fell into bed.


I slept well Saturday night and woke up on Sunday ready for a run! I had scheduled a 6 mile run on Saturday that I ended up skipping, so I headed out on Sunday morning, equipped with a long sleeve shirt, tights, and a new hat from Dick’s.


Love this UA Blustery Beanie II with the ponytail hole in back – it’s soo cozy and warm.  It was a gorgeous day for a run, and my six miles were over quickly.  I headed back home to wait with Mike for AAA to come and replace our tire, and since we were missing church, we watched a sermon online at home.  Then I got a move on food prep and cooking for the week:

Roasting spaghetti squash
013 014

Baked spaghetti squash and cheese for weeknight dinners, inspired by this recipe

015Quinoa, sweet potato, kale and cranberry winter salad020

I finally used my pass from work to get a free flu shot from CVS.  Do you guys get flu shots? If you’re thinking about getting one, CVS is running a deal: get a flu shot and receive a 20% off coupon, good for just about anything in the store! I used mine to pick up some of my favorite lipsticks: Revlon Colorburst!

When I got back, Mike wanted to eat out, so we decided to head over to Curious Grape in Shirlington to use up a Groupon.  Delicious food as always! I especially love their fresh bread baskets, which are different each time we go.  This time, it was a buttery focaccia, which we dipped in our mushroom soup, ordered as an appetizer.  I chose the gnocchi as my main, and Mike the orecchiette.  We both thought that they must make their pasta in house, because both had the wonderfully chewy texture of fresh pasta! We definitely recommend this place, particularly if you like wine with your dinner :)

Gnocchi from my Instagram


We were fortunate to have the day off on Monday, so I started the day off right with some Scottish oatmeal (my current favorite) and some coffee.


I like to brew my coffee in this Clever Coffee Dripper that I bought a few years ago on Amazon.  I was on the search for a French press-like contraption, but wanted something that would prevent grounds from getting into my coffee.  This thingy does just the trick! You place a filter in the basket, add coffee grounds and boiling water and allow it to steep for a few minutes or to your desired strength.  Then you place it on top of the rim of a cup and the hot liquid goes through, while the filter prevents grounds from getting into your cup.  I also find it really easy to clean because of the wide opening, and it made for a great “conversation piece” when I kept it in my cubicle last year.

After a little more cleaning at home, I went on a lunch date with Mike at Kushi, a Japanese restaurant in DC that we’ve been to before.  Unfortunately, they took their memorable skewers off their lunch menu, but we found that their hot udon noodles and sushi were also amazing and really hit the spot on a cold windy day!

IMG_20131111_114036 IMG_20131111_114429 IMG_20131111_114829

By the way, I’m wearing my glasses in the picture because I had a LASIK consultation today and I needed to leave out my contacts for three days prior.  Surprisingly not so hard to run with my glasses on Sunday.  I ended my weekend with an awesome power yoga date with Alexa.  While frog pose and practice splits nearly broke my hips, the real challenge of the class was getting my glasses to stay on my nose!

Happy hump day! Only two more days to go…

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