Singapore: Part 2

This is post 3 in a series on my recent Southeast Asia trip. To read about our first day in Singapore, click here.

Day 2

Still jeg-lagged, we woke up at 5:00 AM and decided we might as well visit the gym! The gym in the hotel was huge, with plenty of cardio machines, weights and even a separate yoga studio.  With all that available to me, it makes complete sense that I only worked out once in Singapore =P At any rate, I managed 20 minutes on the elliptical and then weight lifted for another 20 minutes with some supersets targeting my arms and back.  My sleepy brain wondered why the 10 lb weights felt so heavy, but then I realized oh yes, KILOGRAMS! Don’t even get me started on trying to figure out the day’s weather from the forecasts (in Celsius).

We washed up and headed down to breakfast, where I had the most amazing congee (rice porridge) of my life.  And that was pretty much all I ate for breakfast the rest of our time in Singapore.  It’s the pickled vegetables and fried garlic that really do it for me.

DSC00344 On the itinerary for today was a visit to Sentosa Island, which is like a resort area for Singaporeans complete with beaches, golf courses, Universal Studios Singapore, and our destination, S.E.A. Aquarium! Mike and I both really like aquariums, so when we found out that the world’s largest aquarium was in Singapore, we knew we had to make a stop!

DSC00359 DSC00362 DSC00474 DSC00363Traveler’s tip: carry around your passport in Singapore, because it can get you some sweet discounts! When we mentioned we were visiting the country for the first time, the ticket agent asked for our passports and discounted our tickets several dollars.

We absolutely loved all the exhibits in the aquarium, particularly the Open Ocean exhibit with leopard sharks, huge fish, and manta rays.  It was so peaceful standing in the room with the wall-size view into the enormous tank.  Our pictures don’t do it justice!

DSC00425 DSC00439We saw a variety of other interesting sea creatures as well, including my favorite lion fish.  I’d love to go down in a submarine one day and explore the ocean!


How gorgeous is this little guy!
DSC00459 DSC00415 DSC00450

We had hoped to eat at Cat Cora’s restaurant located inside the aquarium, which has a view into the Open Ocean exhibit, but the restaurant was closed for a private event.  So we headed back to mainland Singapore on the MRT and found another hawkers center (food court) for lunch!

Hokkien mee – noodles with spicy sauce and shrimp

Curry Laksa – spicy coconut curry soup with noodles, shrimp and fish cake

I found the coconut flavor in the laksa to be a little too strong, but otherwise found both dishes pretty tasty.  After lunch, we both admitted that we were tired from waking up so early, so we went back to take a nap before dinner.  Along the way, I stopped by a supermarket and ended up buying some cup ramen to eat as a snack sometime and realized while checking out – gum is not sold in Singapore! See all the mints?

DSC00480Singapore is a very clean city, and part of that can be attributed to their 1992 law against chewing gum (which ended up on the streets, benches, floors, you know).  Breaking this law can result in a $500 fine!

We met up with my aunt and younger cousins for dinner (they live in Singapore) at the dim sum place we had gone to the night before, Din Tai Fung.  No complaints here, we loved the dumplings! We found out later that Din Tai Fung has locations worldwide, including three in the U.S. (2 in LA and 1 in Seattle).  So much for eating the local specialties….  We asked our aunt and cousins what were the “must see” attractions in Singapore, and they mentioned the HarbourFront at night, as well as the Night Safari.  We were planning to go to the Night Safari the next night, so we decided to visit the HarbourFront.  I’m so glad we did – it showcased the best of the city at night!

DSC00482 DSC00483 DSC00488

Merlion statue – symbol of Singapore developed by the tourism industry

We took plenty of pictures and called it a night to head back to our comfy bed.

Final day in Singapore coming up next!


3 thoughts on “Singapore: Part 2

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  2. Alexa

    Love the traveler’s tip! When we were in Paris, a friendly girl working at the Musee d’Orsay asked me how old I was, which felt like a weird question at first. It turns out that at many museums in Paris, people age 25 and younger get discounts! I didn’t even think to ask because in the US the oldest is generally a college student. She may have just asked because I had been proactive in speaking to her in French, but either way, I showed her Andrew’s passport and we got a discount on his ticket that we didn’t expect!

    1. Dawn H.

      That’s great! I’m always going to carry my passport with me when I travel from now on (which is a good thing to do anyway, to ensure you don’t lose it).

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