Living Social’s 5K Dance Party

Hey guys, hope you had a great weekend! We had some fun activities planned that didn’t involve eating for once :)


Friday night was leftovers and relaxing night at our place.  I had intended to go climbing with my church group that night, but felt like I might be coming down with something so I stayed home with Mike and ate frozen yogurt and watched the Mindy Project instead.

005So tasty.  I love my frozen yogurt served in a mug topped with crushed almonds!


I managed to get my butt out of bed at 6 AM to meet my running group (this group on Meetup) at 7! I made the mistake of over-dressing for the relatively warm morning and ended up peeling off my hat, jacket, and un-zipping my half-zip as far as it would go.  I ended up running the same pace as another girl, so we stuck together for three miles out and back along the trail side of the C&O Canal, a choice I regretted when we realized how muddy the path was! We still managed a decent pace and got in a little plyometric activity by jumping over the puddles we came across.  I finished off the run with another mile on the pavement when we got back to the parking lot for a total of seven miles.

After my run, I went home, drank some chocolate milk and showered so I could get some errands done in the morning.  I love going to the supermarket before everyone else shows up because it doesn’t take me 10 minutes to find a parking lot and I don’t have to steal a shopping cart from someone else.  Just kidding, I’ve never done that (but I’ve thought about it..)! My obsession with vitamins pushed me to buy these when I saw them at buy 1 get one free:

007I’ve wanted to take glucosamine for a while to aid with my joints, but it’s pretty expensive as supplements go, so I couldn’t pass this up.  I’m sure the cashier thought I was sweet to be food shopping for my grandparents.  Haha.

After our chores, Mike and I decided to reward ourselves with a movie! We love all the superhero/ Marvel movies, so we went to see Thor: The Dark World.  I thought it was entertaining to watch, and loved Loki’s character, but there were plenty of holes plot-wise and the science (fiction) wasn’t very well explained.  As a former scientist, I’m a stickler for that kind of thing =P


The best part of the movie was getting to watch it at the AMC at Courthouse – the seats are leather recliners with footrests and sooo comfortable! I was tempted to kick off my shoes…but for the sake of the people sitting around me, I refrained.

After the movie, we got home and dressed like ninjas because we were going to Living Social’s 5K Dance Party!

5K Dance Party

I saw the Living Social deal for this 5K a few months ago, and asked any of my friends if they’d want to run it with me – I was surprised at the level of interest I got, and we ended up as a group of eight! Including Mike!! It’s a fun run that takes place at night in the parking lot of RFK Stadium in DC – you dress in black, wear glow in the dark accessories and dance to the music being pumped all around the course.  I thought this run was a great deal because you could get a 4-pack of race entries for $85, while fun runs like the Electric Run (also a 5K) can cost $55 a person!

What we got with our entry: a cotton t-shirt, some glow sticks (they didn’t work, so we bought our own), a drawstring bag, and entry to the after-party.  Apparently, last year’s entry included a free drink – beer if you were 21+ and soda if not.

After we got dressed in our running gear, Mike and I headed over to a friend’s place to eat some pizza and get some glow going on!

IMG_20131116_184537_752 IMG_20131116_184555_845We were all pretty decked out, but Vivian took it to the next level with a rainbow tutu and monster hat!

IMG_20131116_190637_229Can I tell you that we got some weird looks on that subway ride.  We had no trouble getting from the Stadium Armory metro station to the RFK parking lot because we could see the huge lights and hear the music! When we got to the start of the race, we were about forty minutes late, but it didn’t matter because the announcer was starting people in waves every few minutes.  By the time we started, there weren’t a ton of people there, so we took off running! The race wasn’t timed, so we didn’t worry about keeping a pace, which was really nice.

IMG_20131116_200927_111We stopped at the tunnels to take pictures or wait for friends, but the race was still over pretty quickly.  I felt a little underwhelmed by the “dance energy” of the race, but that might have been because we started late and most of the participants went in the beginning.  There were still plenty of people, but in between the tunnels with music and smoke machines, we were all more or less silently chugging along.  I was really impressed that Mike ran the entire 5K at a pretty fast clip! I’ll make a runner out of him yet ;P

We hung around for a few minutes afterwards to see everyone finish and to take pictures, and then the rest of the group headed to the after party while Mike and I headed home because he wasn’t feeling too peppy.

Photo credit: Courtney Sung
photo (1)

All in all, we had a great time and ended up getting more of a workout than we anticipated! We’d love to see some cooler (glow in the dark?) t-shirts at next year’s race!


We finished out our workouts this weekend with a Body Pump class on Sunday morning, and we were cheered when Andrew and Alexa made it out as well! I love working out with friends, and I definitely feel like I slack less when I’m not working out alone.  We washed up, went to church, and ate another of our staple weekend meals:

008 009Peruvian chicken from Edy’s Chicken and Steak.  I always order the quarter chicken with yucca fries, and eat them at home with ketchup on everything and hot sauce on the chicken.  Seriously, we eat this or Thai just about every weekend.  Creatures of habit!

I assembled some salads for weekday lunches and cooked a pot of lentil, kale and sausage soup for weekday dinners.

Pomegranate, roasted butternut squash, and goat cheese on a base of spinach and romaine012

Well, that’s it from me! If you’ve noticed my picture quality has decreased recently, it’s because we’re having some issues with our Sony Cybershot.  We’re sending it in to get diagnostics and I have my fingers crossed that they can repair it quickly.

Do you have any places you eat at nearly every weekend, or do you prefer variety?

Have you ever done a fun run – color run, glow in the dark run, zombie run, etc? What did you think?


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