Hot Yoga Deal (Mind Your Body Oasis)!

I was so excited when I perused an email from Gilt City this morning (another one of those deal emails), and I spotted a deal for hot yoga at Mind Your Body Oasis located in Crystal City! The 10 class pack, normally $150, is going for $75 with this deal, and you can knock it down another 20% using the code Welcome20.  I love hot yoga so I wasted no time in getting a package.  It’ll be great for cross-training when I start training for my race in January.

Last Week’s Workouts + a Double Run Day

workout log 11nov13So, last week didn’t go quite as planned, but I still managed to get in all my runs and other workouts!

Monday: Power yoga at the gym.  I love the Monday night instructor because she takes a really practical view of yoga (vs the spiritual stuff, which I can do without).

Tuesday: Unintentional rest day, but I ended up running the three planned miles on Saturday.

Wednesday: 4 miles of hill training @ 10:00 pace on the treadmill – this workout went super fast! I’ll share what I did later this week.

Thursday: Skimble core workout and foot strengthening exercises.  My goal is to do core and foot strengtheners twice a week till I start marathon training.

Friday: 3 x 1600 meters on the treadmill – done at a 1.0 incline, intervals done at 6.9 with a 800 meter jogging recovery in between.  This was pretty easy, so I think I need to increase my speed next time!

Saturday: 7 miles in the morning with my running group, and the Dance Party 5K in the evening! Surprisingly, my legs felt pretty good during the race and I felt like I could have gone pretty fast.  There might be something to running twice a day :D I also got in a core workout somewhere in there.

Sunday: Body Pump class at the gym and foot strengthening exercises at home.

I’ll be bumping up my mileage to 20 miles this week, and my legs and feet are feeling pretty good! I think I’ll be in great shape once January comes around.

Do you do core work regularly?

Have you ever run twice in one day? How did it feel?


2 thoughts on “Hot Yoga Deal (Mind Your Body Oasis)!

  1. I try to do core work regularly, but I just always seem to be so busy. I know that’s a terrible excuse, but I’m finding it hard to have enough time to sleep at the moment! I miss doing regular lunchtime core classes.

    I went on a running holiday in January. It was the first time that I had ever run twice in a day, but the coaches explained that by doing a light recovery run (of up to 5km) on the same day as a hard run then the next run feels much easier as you’ve flushed all of the lactate out of your legs. I was sceptical at first, but it really does seem to work. I just make sure that I take it easy on my recovery runs and don’t try to pick up the pace too much.

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks for the comment Tamsyn! I know the feeling of being too busy to add in anything else. Can you squeeze in a plank hold a few times a week? Anything helps! Your running holiday sounds like so much fun, I’ll have to look up your blog post! I definitely liked running twice in one day (not so much showering twice in one day).

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