Currently + Some Fun Treadmill Workouts

I have not been super happy with the DC Metro transportation system this week.  I lost my metro card, for the first time ever two weeks ago, and I ordered a new metro card but it still isn’t here! I’ve been running to my mailbox each day with no luck.  Packing the correct change for the bus each night is starting to get really old (and I’m running out of single dollar bills).

003Yes, I’ve been packing $1.80 in exact change for over two weeks.  Thank goodness the bank was willing to give me $10 in quarters.  But on a less whiny note, here’s some of the stuff I’ve been loving lately!

005 014With the cold weather settling in, we’ve been eating lots of soups and stews.  Lentil, sausage and kale soup is one of our favorites.  I’ve also been trying to switch my morning beverage from coffee to tea to reduce my caffeine consumption – luckily I love tea! This chocolate pu-erh is very fragrant and tasty.

I’ve also started taking a ton of vitamins.  The ones below are about half the vitamins that I take each day.  As someone with a background in biochemistry, I don’t know for sure how many of these vitamins are actually absorbed by the body, but I believe that taking zinc and vitamin C will help me stay healthy this winter, even if it’s just a placebo effect! I’m also taking glucosamine, biotin, fish oil, ginger pills (for digestion), calcium chews, and acidophilus.  Yeah, I’ll start dialing it back when I finish off some of these bottles of pills…

016I’ve also been completely obsessed with these Nature’s Bakery fig bars!! I tried one on a whim from the snack bar at work and raved about it so much that my friends bought me a box from Costco.  Best friends ever! I’m already nearly halfway through the box of 24 because I eat them pre-run, post-run, afternoon snack, bedtime snack, whenever.  So good.  The raspberry flavor is the best!

013Speaking of yummy snacks, I was introduced to these Candy Cane Joe Joe’s at small group and loved them at first bite.  So much better than Oreo’s – the candy cane creme inside is to die for.

IMG_20131119_214356I’m also really excited to try this new blister prevention product that I ordered from Amazon – Run Goo.  I’ve yet to find something that works 100% for me (and I get REALLY bad blisters from running), but I’m holding out hope that there’s a magic product out there! The reviews on this product are pretty fantastic, so I can’t wait to test it out on a few long runs.

006And on the subject of running…

Some Fun Treadmill Workouts

I love running outside, but I’ve been taking some of my runs inside lately to avoid the wind and the cold.  I get bored easily on the treadmill though, so I use this opportunity to get in my interval and hill training.  To my surprise, these are some of my favorite workouts each week! I find that changing my speed and/or incline allows me to push myself in ways that I wouldn’t be able to push myself on my own outside.  Here are some of the workouts I’ve done this week – each of these will get you on and off the treadmill in forty minutes or less!

hill workout 20Nov13 4 mile intervals 20nov13

Do you ever run on the treadmill?

Favorite blister prevention product?


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