Run for Shelter 10K Race Recap!

Run for Shelter 10K

I ran another race this weekend! It was the first time that I got to “pace” some friends, and I’m so proud of Alexa and Andrew for finishing the race.  They are both very capable runners and can run much further than a 10K under regular circumstances, but they’ve been recovering from foot/ ankle surgeries, so this was a big milestone for them in their running comebacks! I was so happy to have been a part of it.

On Saturday,  I woke up around 6 AM and munched on some pretzels on the way to packet pickup.  I almost always eat bananas before races, so I felt a little “off” when I woke up and realized we had no bananas! The pretzels, however, did the trick.


Run for Shelter 10K is a Pacers managed race that raises money for the Carpenter’s Shelter, a local homeless shelter that I’ve volunteered with before that consistently wins awards for their excellent programs and core model that has helped many people get back on their feet and find financial independence.  The race starts and ends near the US Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA.  The space was unexpectedly beautiful, and a great space for pre-race bag check, packet pick-up, and real bathrooms.  What a luxury.

004 005 006 007Packet pick-up was well organized, and I got a white bag with my t-shirt, an insulated lunchbox, some samples of Garnier Fructis hair products, and a magnetic pen.  That’s more than I’ve gotten in some bigger races.  I also liked the tech tee – a nice wicking fabric.024 025Pictures taken at home after the race.  Oh wait, you wanted a close-up?028There ya go.  I think the race was also sponsored by Powerbar, so there were lots of free goodies available.  I picked up some gels to try on long runs, along with a fruit goo product I hadn’t seen before.  I love fruit before my runs, so I’m excited to give it a shot!009 011We took some pictures before the race, of course :) It was really nice having the option to wait indoors because it was cold and windy outside! How awesome is Alexa’s t-shirt??014 012After that, I dropped my camera off, so no pictures during the race.  I had contemplated trying to take pictures on the run, but when I saw how cold it was, I decided against it.  We decided to run together at a good, steady pace because the goal was to make sure Andrew and Alexa could finish with their recovering foot/ ankle.  The race was a flat out and back along Eisenhower Avenue, with a small hill in the beginning and end.  I think this could be a great course for a PR because it is mostly flat and ends on the downhill.

We paced ourselves really slowly in the beginning, and I think that paid off because we were able to run a negative split! I’m sure I annoyed my friends with my positive coach-y talk, but hey, we finished and we’re still friends.  I was so proud of them for a strong finish – our average pace was ~10:10!

Mile paces went like this: 10:36, 10:30, 10:06, 9:58, 10:15, 9:48, and we sprinted across the finish line.

After the race was over, we went inside and grabbed water, granola bars, and various Gatorade products – this race had a bunch of amenities! And then we took some more pictures, to include Andrew in the fun.  I couldn’t believe he was wearing shorts – I was wearing two layers on top and debating whether to throw on a jacket!016 017023Alexa had found a great brunch place in Alexandria called Bread and Chocolate, two things I love so I was very much on board.  My turkey hash was good, but the real star was the Pfannkuchen, which I have on good authority is pronounced “faan coooking”.  Um, correct me if I’m wrong, guys! It was like a thick crepe with filling – Nutella in Alexa’s case, apple for Andrew.020 022I sent back my turkey hash because it was kinda cold and I’m picky about the temperature of my food.  If it’s supposed to be hot, I want it piping hot (I told them to microwave it for a bit), and if it’s supposed to be cold, I’m gonna be cranky if it’s melting.

Anyway, it was a great race, and I’ll definitely be back next year to support the cause and run a well-organized, small community race! I also loved being able to run with friends – running is a sport you can do alone, but it’s even better with others.

And because I can’t write a focused weekend post, I also went to Target to pick up some stuff for a church drive for the homeless.  My heart breaks for anyone who’s sleeping on the streets in this cold weather, so this was a small thing I could do to help.035I bought some scarves, hats and granola bars, and I’m aiming to donate a bag of stuff each month this winter.  But as I was walking around, my eye was caught by this box:030I don’t usually love granola because I don’t get it (are you a cereal? why are your clusters so tiny and hard to eat with my hands??) – but my goodness, I can’t stop eating this stuff!! So yea, that’s my #Target#tasty.  I also got some EOS lip balm and while I like the honeydew scent and it’s fun to roll on, I’m underwhelmed by its emollient properties.031 033

Lip balm or chapstick recommendations, anyone? I’m looking for something that will allow my lips to survive this winter.

Favorite food find at Target?

Cause close to your heart? Homelessness.  I want to see more people restored, with a roof over their heads and able to feel their self-worth once again.


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