First Week Over Twenty!

workout log 18nov13I ramped up my mileage to over 20 miles this week! I’m feeling really strong and am ready to start running longer on weekends.  My feet are also blister-free, and I’m crediting this new product I’m trying out, RunGoo.  If this stuff works for my longest runs, I’m going to buy 100 tubes so I never run out! I stuck pretty closely to my workout plan this week, and I think all the stretching and strength work I’ve been doing is making my body stronger and better capable to handle the miles I’ll be piling on.

Monday: Power yoga @ the gym.  I’ve gone two weeks in a row to the same class, which is a record for me.

Tuesday: 5 easy miles outside @ 9:51 pace

Wednesday: 5 X 800 meter repeats on the treadmill, with 400 meters of jogging in between.  My goal with these speed sessions is to slowly increase the speed of my fast intervals over time.  I did these intervals from 7.1 to 7.5 on a 1% incline.

Thursday: Quick core workout from Skimble, and my foot strengthening routine

Friday: 6 mile pace run outside @ 9:01 pace.  This was my longest pace run ever! I was really proud that I was able to push through and just take it mile by mile.

Saturday: I ran the Run for Shelter 10K! I wasn’t sure how I’d handle another 6 miles the day after a tough workout, but it helped to be running with friends, and we kept the pace easy.

Sunday: Body Pump class @ the gym, a quick core workout from Skimble, and my foot strengthening routine.  Body Pump is still kicking my butt, but I definitely feel myself getting stronger from the regular weight lifting.  It’ll be challenging to continue this class when I add Monday as another running day, but I’ll just take a week at a time and see how I feel.

Workouts Planned for This Week

This week’s mileage will be similar to last week:

Tuesday: 4 tempo miles

Thursday: 4 recovery miles

Friday: 5 miles of intervals (probably mile repeats)

Saturday: 7 mile easy run

I’m aiming to go to yoga once, get in one strength training session, and my usual core and foot strengthening routines from Skimble.  Hopefully I won’t gain too much weight over Thanksgiving!

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Have a great week, guys!


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