Phang Nga Bay Trip (Day 3 in Phuket)

This is post 6 in a series on my recent Southeast Asia trip. To read about our first two days in Thailand, click here and here.

Day 3

On Monday, we booked an all day speedboat tour of Phang Nga Bay through Phuket Sail Tours.  I’m so glad we did – this was one of the highlights of our whole trip! Our day started at 6:30 AM when the shuttle bus picked us up from our hotel and took us to the tour’s reception area.  The place was well-stocked with towels for the trip, coffee and tea!

DSC00701 DSC00703 DSC00704As we waited for everyone on the tour to arrive, Mike got ready with his anti-sea-sickness preparations:

DSC00705 DSC00706Mike does NOT do well on boats, so we did our research this time and picked up both Scopolamine patches and acupressure bands.  To our pleasant surprise, Mike didn’t get sea-sick the whole trip!

After the whole group, about fifteen or so folks, were assembled, the trip leader came out and explained the route we’d be taking around the bay.  We would be stopping at lagoons, islands (including the famous James Bond Island, where part of ‘Man with the Golden Gun’ was filmed), Krabi beach, and Kho Panyi, a Muslim fishing village built entirely on stilts! I was beyond excited to start our adventure.

DSC00708We walked over to the speedboat, which was well-stocked with icy drinks, beer included, donuts and satay.  Best satay we ate the whole trip!

DSC00717 DSC00722 DSC00723 DSC00725The boat lost no time in getting underway, and we passed by gorgeous islands and mangroves.  One of our first stops was a canoe tour of a small lagoon, which can only be entered through low tide! Our canoe guide was an expert at navigating through tight spaces and taking pictures ;)

DSC00737 DSC00733 DSC00745 DSC00747 DSC00749We passed by a cave inhabited by a single man.  He’s paid by a restaurant company on land to protect the birds’ nests within from thieves.  Once the nests are ready for harvesting, they are made into very expensive birds’ nest soup! I’m not sure I understand the appeal, but then again, I’ve never had the soup.

DSC00761Our next stop was a gorgeous white sand beach with a family of very cute cats.  I have to say, our guides were experts at getting us to each location before the other 300 tours rolled in – we had the beach all to ourselves until the very end! We played on the beach and snorkeled in the water.  Our guides showed us how to feed bananas and donuts to the fish in the water – it was so cool to hold the banana and see the fish flocking to my hand!DSC00764 DSC00768 DSC00771 DSC00770 DSC00773We got back onto the boat and passed James Bond Island along with a few others.  Our tour chose not to stop at James Bond Island after tourists complained that it was so crowded.  We were happy to stay on the boat and take silly pictures.DSC00782DSC00776Our next stop was the Koh Panyi, the Muslim fishing village built entirely on stilts.  This fishing village started with two Muslim families years ago, and has expanded to about 1,700 people.  They even had a floating soccer field!DSC00790 DSC00791 DSC00792The village’s income comes from fishing and tourism, so there was plenty of souvenir shopping to be done! After walking around and seeing the school and museum, we walked to the other end of the village for lunch.  Something about being on the water gives me a healthy appetite, and I loved this family style meal.

DSC00793 DSC00794Our next stop was a baboon lagoon! The interior of this island was accessible at low tide, and we walked through a dark tunnel and entered the inside to see the magnificent mangrove trees.  Our guide was an expert at finding the best photo opportunities.

DSC00807 DSC00809 DSC00812Our guide demonstrating to me how to pose!
DSC00828 DSC00832 DSC00833 DSC00842

And with that, our boat headed back to shore.  It was a beautiful day, and I found the perfect ending when we got off the boat – fresh coconut water! Ten times better than the boxed kind, I have to say.

DSC00846In case you’re curious, the trip cost about $110 a person and included breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks, National Park fees, shuttles to and from the hotel, and trip insurance.  We really liked the company and would have booked another trip with them if we had stayed any longer in Phuket!


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