Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

My first Subway sandwich in ages. After years of refusing to eat it on principle, I got sucked in by the posters advertising a new Sriracha Sauce and found I loved it.  Eaten on the five hour drive to NY for Thanksgiving.  We listen to young adult audiobooks on long drives because they’re often entertaining and don’t require too much brainpower – Percy Jackson is one of our favorites on the road!
004 We brought champagne to celebrate Sister J’s new job in Boston!007 Sweet and bubbly, we all loved it.008 Kimchi, how I missed you. We ate lots of this at every meal #truekorean010 Home cooked Korean food. This is yukaejang, a slightly spicy beef and vegetable soup.014 Mike expertly pouring our champagne.  We had no problems finishing the bottle.016 Powerbar performance blend, eaten before a morning run. This tasted like applesauce and was AWESOME!018 Where’s Kitty? The cats love my mom’s place because there’s a million places to hide and sleep.020 Tried out a semi-new place in Mount Kisco with Mike and Katie- Little Crepe Street.IMG_20131129_120105_163 Mango lassi – I drank it strictly for the probiotics, of course ;)IMG_20131129_121536 I ordered a chicken tikka masala buckwheat crepe (this place specializes in Indian food too) and I can see why Martha loves this place.  We’ll be back!IMG_20131129_121607The cats were glued to us the whole time we were in NY! Why are they never like this at home!?023 We were browsing the supermarket when I saw that Haagen Dazs had a new Green Tea ice cream flavor. It was really, really good – my mom, who doesn’t usually like sweet stuff, raved about this flavor and went back for seconds!026 025The lactose-intolerant sisters “cheers” with our Lactaid.  Yea, we’re a little weird.
When Mike and I are in NY, we always go to Portofino’s in Golden’s Bridge to get pizza.  It’s quite simply the best pizza around, and the slices. Are. Enormous.  Mike got his usual mushroom, garlic and broccoli rabe, and I got my usual salad pizza.IMG_20131130_120241_262 He didn’t think I could finish it.IMG_20131130_120324_562 He was wrong.  I’m a New Yorker, duh.IMG_20131130_122812_976We came home Sunday afternoon to find two very exciting boxes in the mail – our camera was finally fixed! It was a lens problem, which was completely covered by the warranty.  So no more crappy pictures like the ones in this post :)
028 And (I think I was more excited about this one than Mike was)…my first Stitchfix shipment! Full post coming later.DSC01233

I completely forgot to take pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner, but we had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, all the usual, and some Korean food.  It was quite the feast, and we got to share it with another family.  We had a great time getting to know each other! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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