The November List

Hey guys, hope you had a great weekend – the first one in December! We had our first snow in DC this weekend, and I ran a very snowy race on Sunday!  Pictures and race recap of my second Jingle All the Way 8K coming later.  Today, I wanted to publish my November List post, which is my list of favorite moments/ events/ things from the month.  It’s my way of looking back and remembering to be grateful for the past before the busy-ness of life has me focused on the future again.

The November List: What I’m Grateful For!

1. The David Bible Study

I’ve been getting so much out of my church small group’s Beth Moore Bible study on the life of King David! I’m getting to know the other women in my small group better through the process and am glad to be making new friends.  I feel the study is helping me to learn more about God, and I’m just grateful that He’s given me the strength to make it to Bible study just about every week – it’s at 7 PM on a Tuesday night, and in the past, I’ve been quick to flake out on small group if it’s a work night, but somehow this time around, I’ve been eager to go every week, even if I felt dog-tired.

2. Things Getting Fixed!

I was so happy to get our camera back after our Thanksgiving break! I’m grateful to Sony for the wonderful customer service and getting it back to us so quickly.  I think it broke because I accidentally dropped it while trying to take a picture of myself – lesson learned, take the camera out of the case first! We also finally got our ice-maker fixed – again, I think we broke it by trying to shut it off incorrectly (we used a hammer on the switch…) and needed to replace it completely.  Sensing a pattern here? Yes, we break things :(


3. Family

It was a tough Thanksgiving without Dad this year, but I loved being at home and being able to spend time with T, J and my mom.  I’m looking forward to the future where we have families of our own and have big, boisterous Thanksgiving gatherings together! I was terrible at taking pictures of people this Thanksgiving, so these are from a few years ago.  I miss dad!IMG_0706 IMG_0699 IMG_0733

4. First race with friends – Run for Shelter 10K

I had so much fun running with friends during a race for the first time this month! These people are the best, and I can’t wait to run Pittsburgh with them :)017015

5. blister-less, blissful runs!

After a few weeks off from running and working out, I have been IN LOVE with running this month.  Not every run has been easy, but with every mile I’ve been grateful that this is something that I can do and gives me so much joy.  I’m also grateful to have found an awesome blister prevention product – I think this might be my HG (holy grail) blister-free solution!006

And on a more trivial note, I’m grateful that Catching Fire lived up to my high expectations :) I loved the movie and went back to re-read the third book to remember what happens next.  Can’t wait till the first Mockingjay movie comes out!

December Fun

December, as always, is jam-packed with holiday festivities and fun.  I can tell it’s going to fly by! Some events I’m looking forward to:

– Jingle All the Way 8K (happened this weekend!)

– Vivian’s holiday potluck! Still trying to figure out what to make…

– Holiday movie night with friends at our place – I’m picturing hot cocoa, the fireplace, and a cozy dinner menu.

– Trip to LA/ Las Vegas – we’re going to visit Mike’s family for Christmas/ New Year’s this year, and we’ll be heading to Las Vegas as a family to celebrate E’s 21st birthday! Apparently, Cosmo has turned their rooftop pool into an ice rink this season, so I’m hoping we get to do that. I haven’t been to Vegas in three years, so I’m looking forward to seeing the sights, eating epic buffets, and running on the strip!

– Starting marathon training!! December 30th is the first day on my plan.  I’m so ready to enter BEAST mode.

What’s on your November List?


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