The Good and the Bad (Workout Log)

Last Week’s Workout Log

workout log 2dec13First, the bad: Unfortunately last week, I ran about 12 miles less than I was planning to run because my left knee wasn’t feeling very good – I have no idea why!  I ended up swapping a cycling workout for Wednesday’s run and skipping my Friday run completely.  I knew that resting my knee was the best thing to do, but man it was hard to not reach for my running shoes.

Now, the good: I PR-ed my 8K on Sunday! More on that below :)

Monday: 3 easy miles on the treadmill and power yoga class at the gym.  Noticed my knee hurt a little at the end of the run, so I modified poses as necessary in yoga.

Tuesday: Knee started to feel a little weird, so I pushed my run to Wednesday.

Wednesday: Knee still hurting, so swapped a cycling class for my five mile run.

Thursday: 4 miles of intervals (3 x 1600 meters, 400 meter recovery in between) on the treadmill.  My knee was not happy with me afterwards.

Friday: Knee very painful even while walking.  Skipped my run.

Saturday: More rest and ibuprofen.

Sunday: Jingle All the Way 8K in DC, an unexpected PR for me!

Jingle All the Way 8K Review

I ran this Pacers race last year, and loved running with the sound of sleigh bells down the street and seeing runners dressed up in all sorts of fun costumes, so I didn’t hesitate to sign up this year! But when the day of the race rolled around, I debated going because I figured I couldn’t run very well on my knee, and it was supposed to snow.  I finally decided to go and at least pick up my t-shirt (since I paid for it, you know) and drop out during the race if I needed to.  So at 7 AM, I scarfed down a fig bar, drank some water, and headed out the door.007003Since the forecast was 30 degrees, with the wind making it feel like 20, I dressed in my warmest tights, Nike Hyperwarm top, warm running jacket, fleece hat/ gloves, and Pro Compression marathon socks.  Even with all that, I felt cold when I exited the metro station! So I picked up my bib and t-shirt, stuck some jingle bells on my shoes (provided by Pacers), and high-tailed it to the Starbucks on the corner just as it opened.  Best decision ever.010IMG_20131208_081309About 15 minutes before the race, I left the store to drop off my bag, use the port-o-potty, and warm up my legs a little.  It had started snowing already and I was cold! I was happy when everyone started to line up and huddle together.  And then at 9 AM sharp, the race started! The first two miles, I didn’t even bother trying to control my pace because I needed to warm my feet up so I could feel my toes again.  Miles 1 and 2: 8:45, 8:28.

When I saw those times come up on my watch, I realized that I had a chance to beat my 8K PR set earlier in the year at the St. Patrick’s Day race, so I pushed myself to keep my pace under 8:50.  To my surprise, my legs felt great and my knee didn’t hurt, and I was able to keep a very fast (to me) pace! Miles 3 and 4: 8:17, 8:15

Before I knew it, I was on the last mile.  I could feel my legs starting to tire, but I knew I was definitely on track for a PR so I didn’t let up on the pace.  I got nervous as the last half mile approached because I knew I had a habit of giving up at this point, but I realized that I still had some gas left, so I gunned it to the finish! Final mile: 8:01

I was crazy proud when I saw that I had run each mile faster than the last! My official time: 42:10, an average pace of 8:29 and a PR by nearly 2 minutes.  I loved the snack boxes they gave out at the finish:015 016Some good stuff in there.  The chocolate covered blueberries were gone by the time lunch rolled around.  I also liked the long sleeve tech shirt.  The material doesn’t feel very wicking to me, so I’ll save it for yoga and lounging around the house! Overall, I had a great time at the race, loved the flat course, and hope to be running it again next year – perhaps in a fun outfit next time!060How was your weekend? Are you getting into the holiday/ Christmas spirit?

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    1. Dawn H.

      Yes, I loved the holiday theme to the run! I hope Pacers uses the snack boxes at all their races – it prevented any line from forming at the post-race food table because people could just pick up a box and go!

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