Race/ Gear Coupons + Day 2 in Penang

Coupons and Deals!

Hey guys, I got a ton of stuff in my inbox this morning so I wanted to share:

Hot Chocolate 15/5K – $5 off race entry with the code ACTIVE$5OFF, good through 12/22/13.  They have races all around the country and despite the wintery name, I saw races as late as April.

Rock ‘n’ Roll – save $20 off your race registration today only! There are Rock ‘n’ Roll halfs, fulls, and a 10K around the world so there are plenty to choose from.  I’m doing the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA in March, come join me!

RooSport – 20% off and free shipping with promo code roogift, good through Monday (Dec 17).  RooSport’s signature product is a little pouch that attaches magnetically to your shorts/ pants so you can carry stuff like keys and your phone without wearing a pouch or stuffing them into your bra.  Their small size is $14.99 and large is $24.99.

Pro Compression – 40% off and free shipping on marathon socks and sleeves with the coupon code WINTER, good through 12/19/13.  Heck yes, I’ll be picking up their holiday socks today!

Dick’s Sporting Goods – $20 off $100, today only – no coupon code required. They also have free shipping with no minimum purchase.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

This is post 8 (!) in a series on my recent Southeast Asia trip. To read about some travel tips and our first day in Penang, click here.

Day 2 in Penang

Friday began with some much needed gym time! I got on the bike in the hotel gym and thirty minutes went by quickly while watching TV.  We showered and went down to check out the breakfast buffet.  I was completely blown away by all the options – we had free buffet breakfasts at our Singapore and Thailand hotels as well, but neither held a candle to E&O’s! There was a stir-fry station, sushi, juicing station (pick your own ingredients), Eggs Benedict, Indian food, and much more.DSC00931 DSC00932 DSC00936 DSC00933The fresh-made juice was a really nice addition, because that’s something we don’t make at home, since we don’t have a juicer! I have seen a lot of recipes lately for juices straight from the blender though, so I might put our Ninja to work sometime.

After a very hearty breakfast, we enjoyed the beautiful weather by reading and relaxing near the hotel’s infinity pool.  I love to read on vacation, and I made my way through a Gillian Flynn novel (Dark Places), a few of Lianne Moriarty’s books – The Husband’s Secret and The Hypnotist’s Love Story, and started The Book Thief on this trip.  The first three books were entertaining light reads, and the last is quite serious, but a really excellent book that covers the Holocaust from a different perspective.  It made me think about bravery and humanity in a new way, and reminded me a little of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close a little bit.DSC00938 DSC00937Soon, it was time for wedding activities! The impetus of our trip was to attend Kevin and Joy’s wedding celebration here in Penang- Mike has been really good friends with Kevin since college, and when we committed to come to the wedding, Kevin asked Mike to be his groomsman.  We were also excited to meet Joy for the first time!

We met up with Joy and Kevin and several of the other guests, and headed over to a restaurant for lunch together.  The food was absolutely amazing, and we had a great time seeing friends again and making new ones.  I snapped a few pictures, but quickly lost track of all the different courses that came out!DSC00940 DSC00941 DSC00943After a leisurely lunch, we wandered outside to the beach, and I couldn’t help getting a few pictures :) The other girl in the pictures is our good friend Vivian, who also made the trip from DC.DSC00947 DSC00949 DSC00953Joy, whose family is from Penang, had arranged for a tri-shaw tour of Georgetown for us, so once they arrived, we all picked one and got on our way! Tri-shaws are like bicycles, powered by a driver pedaling in the back with a two-seat cab for passengers in front.  I was seriously impressed by the strength of the drivers – they must have legs of steel.DSC00958 DSC00959And we were off! We rode around and enjoyed the sights, getting off a few times to take pictures or visit a special location.  The tour was very flexible, and if we got off at a sight, the driver simply waited until we were done and ready to move onto the next location.DSC00962 DSC00966 DSC00969We got off to explore the Peranakan Mansion, which was owned by a wealthy Chinese immigrant family and had many beautiful artifacts from the family’s past.DSC00972 DSC00978 DSC01002 DSC01005 DSC01006Do you see us? Yes, we are this cheesy and silly :)DSC00985

I also had the most magical dessert of my life at the cafe here! Cendol is a popular Malaysian dessert with chewy rice noodles, shaved ice, coconut milk, and various toppings like red beans or (strangely) creamed corn.  It reminded me a lot of the Korean pat bing su I ate as a summertime treat growing up!DSC01008It was so sweet and refreshing, and I loved the different textures from the elements in the dish.  I will dream of this dessert forever :)

We got back onto our tri-shaws for the last part of our tour, and we passed through Little India and the less modernized/ more residential parts of town.  Our final stop was the Chocolate & Coffee Museum, another popular tourist destination here for obvious reasons! They had some interesting flavors of chocolate, like banana chocolate and very spicy chocolate.DSC01009 DSC01012 DSC01013 DSC01017I tried not to sample too much, because we were going to the rehearsal dinner soon afterwards! I’ll leave you with just one more food pic in this post.DSC01020We had a great time at dinner, but opted out of the late night party because we were ready for bed after all the activities and sight-seeing we had done.  We wanted to make sure we had plenty of energy for the wedding the next day!

Final vacation post tomorrow: Kevin and Joy’s wedding!


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