Kevin & Joy’s Wedding!

This is my final post in a series on my October Southeast Asia trip. To read about our first two days in Penang, click here and here.

Day 3

We got up on Saturday excited for Kevin and Joy’s special day! I went to the hotel gym and spent thirty minutes on the elliptical before breakfast, which made for a record three days in a row of working out this trip, lol.  The wedding wasn’t until 4 PM, so Mike and I made the most of our last day in Penang wandering around town and finding delicious food to eat.  We ate at a small Chinese restaurant for lunch, and wandered around looking for the amazing cendol we ate yesterday! Unfortunately, the version we found today wasn’t quite the same and a little disappointing – I found it to be too soupy.DSC01036We also tried Ice Kachang, which is another shaved ice dish with various syrups and toppings – ours included creamed corn and peanuts.  It was interesting to try, but neither of us really cared for the strange mixture of flavors.DSC01035We got back to the hotel and got dressed – it was time for the wedding! It was really nice staying in the same hotel where the wedding was taking place, because if we needed or forgot anything, we could just pop upstairs to get it.DSC01038I loved the colors and flowers they picked out for the bridesmaids bouquets (above) – it was perfect for their low-key garden ceremony.  Before the ceremony  itself, they did a tea ceremony where the couple served tea to members of each other’s family.DSC01040DSC01049How cute are they? Also, I did not realize that the bridesmaids would be wearing green…my dress was a very similar shade! Has this happened to anyone else?DSC01057The perk of this coincidence was that Mike’s tie matched my dress pretty nicely, since he was a groomsman :) After the tea ceremony, we all headed outside for the wedding ceremony.  We waited for the couple as Kevin had to quickly change into his Air Force uniform.  Luckily, the weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor ceremony! I loved the balloon theme they had going on.DSC01069 DSC01068And there he is, with all the groomsmen!DSC01074DSC01076 DSC01080After a quick ceremony, Kevin’s Air Force buddies lined up for the saber arch, a very neat military tradition! Only the married couple walks through the arch, and the final pair held their sabers horizontally and didn’t let the couple pass until they kissed :)DSC01087 DSC01088 DSC01089 DSC01093 Then it was time for fun pictures! I loved the picture with the bridesmaids holding the sabers, interspersed with the military guys.DSC01095 DSC01098 DSC01103DSC01107I had to take a silly picture too.  Yup, that’s my best pirate face.  Walk the plank, yarr.DSC01116Then, we headed inside for the wedding feast! And when I say feast, I mean feast – there were EIGHT courses.  It included all sorts of things I had never eaten before, like jellyfish and ostrich!DSC01142 DSC01156 DSC01171DSC01130The ballroom was beautifully decorated, and there were all sorts of special touches to the evening that showed Kevin and Joy’s love for each other.  Joy is very musical, so they sang a song together, and then Joy surprised Kevin by singing a song she had prepared just for him.  Her musically talented siblings also got up on stage and performed a duet on the keyboard and cello.DSC01121 DSC01165DSC01131 DSC01169We’re so happy that we were able to go and be a part of their special day! May they have many, many years of happiness together!


2 thoughts on “Kevin & Joy’s Wedding!

  1. Alexa

    Love the pictures! They look so beautiful and the ceremony seems wonderful! In terms of you matching the dress, I have no idea how you could prevent that. I think the big rule for wedding outfits is to not wear white. Or I suppose no ballgowns either :)

    1. Dawn H.

      Yea, I think unless I had known a bridesmaid or asked the bride directly, I couldn’t have avoided it! Certainly no white, and leave the tiara at home ;)

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