Week of (No) Workouts + 2014 Race Calendar!

So, this last week was pretty dismal in terms of running and working out in general. My motivation was there, but my left knee was not, lol. I went for an easy run on Monday, and while my knee felt fine on the treadmill, it hurt immediately as soon as I got off and I was wincing as I went down the escalator. I did the smart thing and didn’t run the rest of the week. I tried to fit in other workouts, but even cycling didn’t feel that great so I took the whole weekend off.

Monday: 3 easy miles on treadmill and power yoga class
swapped cycling class for 5 mile run 
40 min on elliptical

Not much more to say about that – my knee still doesn’t feel completely normal but hopefully I can run a little this week.  I’ve been taking NSAID pain relievers once a day to bring down the swelling and taking glucosamine religiously, so next step is probably to see a doctor if I don’t feel better this week =\ I’m fine with taking a few weeks off, but I’m really hoping I get the green light to start training for my marathon at the end of December! Anyway, onto happier topics…

2014 Race Calendar

Since I ran my last race of 2013 a few weeks ago (Jingle All the Way 8K), I’ve started planning out what I want to run next year! I ran three halfs, a 10 miler and several shorter races this year, and I’d like to do about the same next year, with the addition of the full marathon in May.  I’m also kind of a race junkie, so Mike’s limitation is that I can run all the races I want in the DC area, but we’re only traveling for one race a year, which is fine by me! Here are some of the races I’m thinking about running next year:

Feb 9 (VA) – Love the Run You’re With 5K
Mar 2 (VA) – Reston 10 Miler
Mar 15 (DC) – RnR USA Half (signed up)


Apr 6 (DC) – Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (I found out I got in on Monday!!)


May 4 (PA) – Pittsburgh Marathon!! (signed up)


After May, the plan gets a little bit fuzzier – I’m gonna be very flexible after the marathon to make sure I recover properly and see how hot the summer is this year.  I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to training in the heat ;) But I have my eye on the following races:

May 31 (MD) – Zooma Half Marathon – I’d love to run this one, seems like it would be so much fun!
Jul 4 (VA) – Let Freedom Run 5K
Aug 17 (VA) – Leesburg 20K
Sept sometime (VA) – VHTRC’s Women’s Trail Half Marathon – I’d love to try some trail running next year!
Sept 28 (VA) – Reston Perfect 10
Oct 18 (MD)- Baltimore Running Festival Half

I may or may not run all of these races, since we’ll probably take a vacation in September or October and we don’t know when yet and injuries and life happen, but those are the ones on my plan right now! I’m sure there will be more shorter races in there too, like perhaps a turkey trot and a holiday race again :) My only real goal right now is to achieve a marathon PR and run more miles in 2014 than I did this year – maybe I can reach 1000!

Also, if you’re planning on running any Potomac River Running Races, they have an AWESOME race pass available right now – $100 for any four races in 2014! You don’t even have to know what races you want to run right now, and it’s good for their longer races as well – 10 milers and their 20k.  Available now till the end of the year.  I’m definitely getting one because I’m already planning on running the Reston 10 Miler, Leesburg 20K, and Reston Perfect 10 and I’m sure I can find one more I want to do.  Their races are very well organized and many of them good for short distance PRs :) It would also make a great Christmas gift for any DC runners in your life!


What’s on your racing calendar next year?
Any goals for 2014?


8 thoughts on “Week of (No) Workouts + 2014 Race Calendar!

  1. That is an awesome calendar!! There are so many races I want to do, but it can get so expensive! I know I will run Chicago again and hopefully do some halves this summer.

    1. Dawn H.

      I know! So many great races out there :) The way I look at it, I don’t have to do them all this year, so I have new races to look forward to in the years to come! Oo, I’d love to run Chicago sometime – it’s on my wish list!

  2. Alexa

    Like you, I’m planning on doing the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and the half marathon in Pittsburgh! After that, I kind of need to see about races in my area (NY/NJ) and how my body is feeling about the longer distances/more consistent training since the surgery. Assuming that’s all going fine, I’d love to throw in some shorter races and maybe even a trail one. I hear there’s one in Bear Mountain up by West Point. Could be cool!

  3. DistrictSweats

    Oooh, I’m so glad you posted that trail race. I’m really interested in doing it. The farthest I’ve done on trails is a 10K, and I’m slightly intimidated but super excited about upping the mileage!

    1. Dawn H.

      Are you coming back to DC? We should meet up sometime! I haven’t done any trail runs yet, but I really think I’d like it, so I’m hoping to start next year!

    2. DistrictSweats

      Yep! My grad program is over in May, and I’m coming back then. Plenty of visits in between, too! Let’s definitely plan some runs.

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