ITBS Treatment + Vegas

We are back from Vegas and in LA again – the weather here is just perfect.  I can’t believe I spent four days in Vegas and didn’t gamble even once, lol.  I had intended to play at least one night, but I ended up falling asleep every night around 10 and never made it down! Obviously I don’t have a gambling addiction :)

So what did I do? 

I ate plenty of oatmeal for breakfasts (we skipped the buffets this year!) to balance out all the delicious hefty meals we ate for lunches and dinners…DSC01463

Took baths every night while watching my shows on Hulu – LOVED this bath bomb from Lush, I think it was called Father Christmas? It turned the water pink, and then green, and smelled heavenly!DSC01464DSC01467

I also ate a lot and went outlet shopping – there’s a huge outlet shopping mall about 10 minutes from Vegas.  All in all, it was a really relaxing trip!

I also worked out every day.  My knee injury (pretty sure it’s IT band syndrome, based on the location and presentation of pain) isn’t better yet, so I cycled and did some IT band strengthening exercises.  I’ll do a full injury post later, but here’s what I’ve been doing:

ITBS Treatment Plan

1. No running! I’ve subbed cycling for all my running days for the latter half of last week and I’ll sub most of next week as well.

2. Ice the side of my knee and aspirin after working out to reduce inflammation.

3. Roll IT band with my spiky ball every day.

4. IT band strengthening exercises daily: two sets of 15 lateral leg lifts and 15 assisted single leg squats, each leg.  I use a chair to do the single leg squats to help me get a little lower in the squat – stand on one leg, squat down and sit in the chair with control, and get back up, all supported by one leg only.

DSC01460 DSC01461I’m hoping that my case is mild enough that it’ll be gone by the end of next week, otherwise I might have to look into pool running for part of my marathon training :( I really miss being able to run right now, especially since my marathon training plan starts next week!


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