Marathon #2 (Pittsburgh Marathon) Training Plan

The Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2014 is the first marathon that I trained for since I started Sneaker Therapy.  I logged my training each week to show how I adapted to schedule, injury, and life challenges to get to the finish line of the marathon.

My Training Plan

full marathon 2014I ran my first marathon back in 2012 and followed Hal Higdon’s Novice marathon plan.  It was simple and very easy to follow, but this time around, I’m looking to improve my time so I took Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 Plan and added some speedwork (in orange) and races (in blue) to keep it interesting and build my speed.  Here’s what I’m planning to do each day of the week:

Monday: regular run + yoga

Tuesday: hill work on orange days, regular run on other days

Wednesday: intervals on orange days, regular runs on other days

Thursday: rest

Friday: tempo or pace runs on orange days, regular runs on other days

Saturday: tempo or progression runs on orange days, regular long runs on other days

Sunday: Body Pump/ weight lifting

I’ve built speedwork in only twice a week; anything more and I think I could be too fatigued and probably hate running.

Weekly Workout Logs

I’ll be the first to tell you that I pick training plans with the best of intentions but each week comes with its own challenges and I have to adapt as I go.  Below are the workout logs from each week, in case you’re interested in how my training is going!

Week 1 (Dec 30-Jan 5) no training log (I was recovering from a knee injury)

Week 2 (Jan 6-12) Training Log

Weeks 3-5 (Jan 13-Feb 2) Training Logs

Week 6 (Feb 3-9) Training Log

Week 7 (Feb 10-16) Training Log

Week 8 (Feb 17-23) Training Log

Week 9 (Feb 24-Mar 2) Training Log

Week 10 (Mar 3-9) Training Log

Week 11 (Mar 10-16) Training Log

Week 12 (Mar 17-23) Training Log – mostly cross-training due to minor injury

Week 13 (Mar 24-30) Training Log

Week 14 (Mar 31-Apr 6) Training Log

Week 15 (Apr 7-13) Training Log

Week 16 + 17 (Apr 14-27) Training Log – taper

Week 18 (Apr 28-May 4) Training Log – week of race!


8 thoughts on “Marathon #2 (Pittsburgh Marathon) Training Plan

  1. Alexa

    Am I reading your plan right? Why are you doing 22 and 23 miles on Satudays on weeks four and five, respectively? Isn’t that soon for such a long distance? Or is that normal for an intermediate plan? Seems super intense to me! Please be careful with your knee! (rhyming unintentional :) )

    1. Dawn H.

      Oops, that’s definitely wrong. I’ll fix that when I get back to my home computer :) It should be closer to 10!

    2. Alexa

      Thank God! I got really concerned you were being overly ambitious and I’d have to try to talk you out of it! I know I don’t run as much as you, but that seems crazy!

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