We’re Back! Favorites in LA

We got back from our Christmas/ New Year’s vacation to LA Saturday evening and it feels good to be home! We were surprised by the couple of inches of snow on the ground; being in sunny LA, I kind of forgot that yes, it is still winter here :) I meant to publish a workout log this morning for my first week of marathon training, but truth be told, I didn’t do much last week aside from a couple of yoga classes and some cycling.  Hopefully my pool running belt will arrive today and I can start some serious training!

So instead, I thought I’d share a list of places we love to eat at in LA.  Mike grew up in LA, and I’ve been visiting his family once or twice a year for the last five years or so, so we’ve had a chance to explore LA’s amazing food scene (that’s a thing, right?) and find our favorites. We tend to stick to the same few places each time we go, but lately we’ve been trying some new-to-us restaurants to add to our list :)


asian bakery

Jj’s Bakery (torrance)

Their pastries are to die for! My favorite is the green tea bread with red bean filling, and their pork buns are darn good, too.  I ate one for breakfast nearly every day this trip, which is why I will be dieting a little this month…

Christmas 003

vietnamese sandwich (banh mi)

Lee’s Sandwiches (torrance)

I think Lee’s is in the same plaza as Jj’s and the only thing better than their sandwiches with the soft chewy bread, flavorful meat and crunchy veggies are their prices! A sandwich will run you about $3, and it’s about 8″ long.  I like the BBQ pork (minus the cilantro) and it was the best banh mi I’ve had, no question.DSC01551


Yamadaya (torrance)

So, ramen is a BIG deal in Mike’s family, and we’re pretty evenly split down the middle with half preferring Shinsengumi and the other half Yamadaya.  I’m in the latter camp, because I find Shinsengumi’s broth a little on the oily side.  Yamadaya has a few locations in LA, but I’ve only been to the one in Torrance – it holds about 20 people, and every time we’ve gone we’ve had to put our names down on a waiting list, even at lunchtime on a random weekday! The rich pork broth and perfectly chewy noodles make the wait worthwhile, but I suggest arriving around opening time or early for dinner to avoid a long wait.Christmas 001IMG_20140103_123636


Sushi Gen (j-town)

Sushi is Mike’s favorite food, so we always get sushi when we go to LA because it’s hard to find good sushi here in DC (Sushi Taro is amazing, but also amazingly expensive).  You can tell Sushi Gen is good because people start lining up an hour before it opens for lunch!IMG_20140102_114234


Seafood Town (torrance)

Delicious and cheap Chinese food – enough said, right? Mike loves the mapo tofu and my favorites are the chow fun and salt and pepper shrimp.  Go at lunchtime for an even better deal!



There’s a bunch of places in this category!

Palsaik (k-town)

We discovered this place on our recent visit – so good! Palsaik is a Korean BBQ place specializing in samgyupsal, which is thick strips of pork AKA korean bacon.  Get the dinner set and share with a friend or two to try eight flavors of marinated samgyupsal.

DSC01558 DSC01565

BCD Tofu House (several locations)

BCD specializes in Korean style soft tofu stew.  I like how you can request your level of spicy (from not spicy, which is not red at all, to very spicy), and their kimchi is also really good.


Corner Place (k-town)

Corner Place has Korean BBQ, but their signature dish is dongchimi noodles, which is a really refreshing cold noodle dish in broth.  I love eating dongchimi noodles in the summertime!

Yong Su San (k-town)

This place has a wide variety of Korean dishes, and you know it’s good because it has restaurants in Korea! If you’re new to Korean food, I suggest the bibimbap, which is rice mixed with veggies and beef and spicy sauce – my favorite!

Suwon Galbi (k-town)

We like the BBQ at this place – like all Korean BBQ restaurants, you grill the meat at your own table so it’s cooked perfectly to your liking.


King’s Hawaiian (torrance)

We love this bakery so much that I ordered our wedding cake from here.  Their paradise cake and chocolate cake are both really good – so light and spongy! The picture below is our wedding cake :)01-01


Pie Hole (near j-town)

Mexican chocolate pie.  Maple custard pie.  Sooo good.


frozen yogurt

Yogurtland (all over)

I’ve saved the best for last! My love for Yogurtland is legendary.  If a Yogurtland moved in next door, I’d probably stop running so I could eat frozen yogurt instead.  Their flavors and yogurt consistency are the best!DSC01555What’s your favorite restaurant in your hometown?

Any New Year’s resolutions? Spend more time with friends, and eat a little healthier to make up for all the above, lol.


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