First Run of 2014!

Yes, I RAN yesterday!! First 3 miles of 2014, done!

I finally went to the orthopedist yesterday and found out I have IT band friction syndrome (ITBFS), also known as IT band syndrome (ITBS).  My symptoms are relatively minor, and the doctor said that I can run short/ mid distances, but that I should avoid the long runs for a few weeks.  He also instructed me to continue icing after working out, and to do additional IT band exercises each day.  I went home and immediately did the exercises, followed by a glorious 3 mile run on the treadmill and my usual power yoga class at the gym.

New IT Band Stretch/ Strengthen Regimen (Daily)

Complete 3 sets of the following:

pigeon pose 30 sec each side


4 point IT band stretch (link here30 sec each side

hip abductor stretch hold 10 sec three times each side


VMO ( vastus medialis obliquus) hold 30 sec each side

The VMO is the muscle that controls the position of the kneecap, so my doc assigned this exercise to me as well to improve knee health.  Here’s how to do this exercise: sit in a chair with a knee bent at 90 degrees.  Feel the muscle above the kneecap on the inside half of the thigh (this is the VMO).  Push your foot and leg into the floor and feel the muscle tighten.  Hold for 30 seconds.

In order to slowly ramp back up to running after two weeks off, I’ll be modifying week 2 of my marathon training plan to incorporate a little running and substitute other runs with cross training.

Week #2 Plan (Modified)

Monday 3 mile run + yoga completed as planned

Tuesday 5 mile hill run – substitute with 60 min cycling class

Wednesday 3 mile run complete as planned

Thursday rest

Friday 5 mile pace runcomplete as planned

Saturday 9 mile run – substitute with 60 min cycling class + 30 min pool running

Sunday Body Pumpcomplete as planned


7 thoughts on “First Run of 2014!

  1. Alexa

    This sounds like a great modification! I’m glad the knee injury isn’t too serious and I hope you’re back up and running (without pain) soon!

  2. Welcome to the ITBS club! I have issues with both of my IT bands off and on. If you haven’t yet got yourself a foam roller, I highly recommend it! (although it HURTS!)

    1. Dawn H.

      I do have a foam roller, and now I’m going to roll more regularly :) Sorry to hear about your IT band issues, I hope they get resolved permanently! I’m hoping to strengthen mine to the point that with daily stretching, I won’t have this problem again =\

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