Core Power Yoga review!

Confession: I’m not always really excited to work out when we’re on vacation, and finding motivation to wake up early to go for a run can be challenging.  But we realized on our trip to Atlanta last spring that traveling can be an opportunity to try new types of workouts and exercise studios! So this past trip to LA, we signed up for a free intro week at Corepower Yoga (the Torrance location).  Corepower Yoga is a hot yoga practice with many locations across the US, and we were lucky to find a studio just a few miles from my in-laws’ house! Prices vary by region, and start at $20/ class at the California studios, so we were happy to try it out for free for a week.

I’ve loved hot yoga ever since my first visit to a hot yoga studio in DC back in April, so I was eager to attend a few classes.  To my surprise, Mike and E, who have never done hot yoga before, decided to try it with me!

The studio has a fun, playful and modern design, and the entire space was very clean.  We registered ourselves on the iPad at the front desk, and were given key chain tags to be used to check in.  We had no problems getting the free intro week, and were even given free mat rentals for our first class! I think that mat and towel rentals are normally $2 each.

DSC01550 DSC01544 DSC01545DSC01546In addition to a large waiting area with cubbies to store bags and shoes, the studio had large changing rooms for both males and females.  Obviously, I only took pictures of the female changing studio :) I was impressed that they had several showers and plenty of lockers! The studios in DC tend to be much smaller.DSC01547 DSC01548As the last class left, we entered the class space for Corepower Yoga 2, which is a 60 minute heated, rigorous power yoga class.  The space was pleasantly warm at first, but the instructor turned up the heat and humidity when she walked in, and we were soon sweating in our child’s poses.  The class was taught in standard power yoga/ vinyasa style with an emphasis on core work in the middle.  Note to self: crow is very tricky when your whole body is drenched and slippery in sweat.  It had been a while since my last heated yoga class, so I was very happy by the time shavasana rolled around! We all thought it was a great workout and we definitely got our sweat on.

Mike, E and I went back a few days later for Corepower Yoga 1.5, which is a less rigorous class, and probably a good intro class for beginners to heated yoga (I think the room was a little cooler as well).  We moved through the poses slower, which gave us a chance to focus on our form.  This class was very manageable for all three of us!

Mike liked heated yoga so much that he ended up going back for a third class later in the week without me! We will definitely be back the next time we’re in LA.

Have you tried hot yoga?

Do you work out when you’re on vacation?


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