The December List

Hey friends! TGIF and hope you’re having a good week! I went pool running for the first time yesterday, and it was pretty successful, so I’m very happy about that :)  This is my December List post, which is a look in the rearview mirror for the last month.  This monthly post series reminds me to be grateful for and remember the past before focusing on what lies ahead!

The December List: What I’m Grateful For

1. My 8K PR!

I almost didn’t show up at the Jingle All the Way 8K last year when I realized it would be snowing during the race, but I’m so glad I did, because it was a big PR for me! I shaved nearly 4 minutes off of my time from the same race the year before (my pace per mile was 45 sec faster), so it was just a great reminder of the progress I made over the past year.  Also, seasonal races are just plain fun! I’m looking forward to running a Valentine’s Day themed-race already.


2. Time with Friends

December is always a busy time with lots of holiday parties and potlucks, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the busy-ness of the holiday season and just want to slump on the couch in sweats till it’s all over.  Yes, I’m kind of a grinch.  But this year, we focused on staying relaxed and being grateful to have such wonderful friends to spend time with! It was also possibly the last holiday season that we might be in the same state as our close friends, so we made sure to celebrate :)

031 019 brunch

3. Finding the perfect loafers

After several months, my search for the perfect loafers ended when I found these! I must have tried on 100+ pairs of shoes at DSW and Macys and they all felt too tight or otherwise uncomfortable – I’m really picky when it comes to shoes b/c I only own like three pairs other than running shoes.  I finally found the perfect ones when I found these in a wide width at Zappos.  It is not easy finding size 6 wide shoes for my hobbit feet.  Anyway, I now own blue suede shoes – please tell me someone gets that reference…046

4. Time with Mike’s Family

Although I’m sad that I don’t get to spend every Christmas with my family (Mike and I flip-flop each year), I’m very lucky because I have the best in-laws in the world.  I feel like one of the family when I’m around, and we were lucky to spend several days in LA/ Vegas with them, and be there for Ava’s 1 year bday celebration! I now have baby fever to the max b/c she is the most adorable and chubby thing.DSC01577 DSC01518

5. The Pie Hole

I’m pretty obsessed with good pie, an obsession I’m blaming on Pushing Daisies.  Does anyone else remember this show?


It was on ABC a few years ago and got cancelled after just a few seasons, but while it was on, Mike and I made pies every. single. week.  Yea, I’m not joking, we must have made at least a dozen apple pies one year (which was subsequently followed by a long diet, lol).  Anyway, so finding The Pie Hole in LA was like walking into heaven on earth!  Their maple custard pie and mexican chocolate pie, you guys.  Having eaten their pies, I can die happy.

IMG_20140102_1218456. Getting Back into Hot Yoga

It was so awesome getting to take a few hot yoga classes again in LA at Corepower Yoga! Finding out that Mike likes hot yoga and will go to classes with me from now on was the cherry on top :) Don’t be fooled by his expression below – this man loooves the heat.


What are you grateful for from last month?

What are you looking forward to for the rest of January? Starting my first class next week, hopefully getting over my IT band injury and starting long runs again, and finally doing something I’ve wanted to do for several years…more on that to come!


2 thoughts on “The December List

  1. Sister J

    I LOVED PUSHING DAISIES. and pie is my favorite food. guess we’re related after all ;) and yes to the blue suede shoes…and the ensuing images of you dancing around as elvis with a pot on your head.

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