Marathon Training: Week 2 Workout Log (20 Miles)

Pics from the Weekend

Dinner at Choong Hwa Won, one of our favorite Korean restaurants in Annandale – I got their spicy seafood soup (jjam bbong), but their black bean noodles (jjajang myun) are also really good! We also ordered the fried pork in a sweet and sour sauce (tang soo yok) to share.

023 022

I went with a friend on Saturday to see the Van Gogh Repetitions exhibit in DC, which is a special exhibit with 35 Van Gogh pieces on loan from all around the world, intended to highlight Van Gogh’s technique and evolving style throughout his life.  I’m by no means an artistic person, but I really enjoyed seeing so many of his works in one place and getting to compare them.   I highly recommend it – the exhibit is in DC until February 2! Pictures weren’t allowed, so I didn’t take any :)
024On Sunday, we enjoyed a leisurely brunch with friends at Cheesetique in Shirlington (they also have a location in Alexandria), and of course we ordered a cheese board!

From the left: Cherry Stout Chevre (my favorite!), Bay Blue (an award winning blue cheese from California), Drunken Goat, Picabello Gouda, and Garlic Brie.  All so good!!
cheesetiqueAnd Sunday night was leftovers, and I called dibs on the leftover spicy seafood soup!030It was a pretty low-key weekend, but I got to catch up on chores and went for a “long run” on Saturday… more on that now.

Marathon Training Week #2

So I’m very excited to post my first workout training log for my marathon in May because week 1 was such a dud, thanks to my injury.  My strategy this week was to run a few short runs, after being cleared by my doc to do so, and do pool running for the rest of my training.pittsburgh wk2
Monday: Power Yoga @ gym
That’s something like 7 straight weeks of yoga now! I swear this is going to keep me from re-injuring myself in the future.

Tuesday: 3 easy miles on treadmill, 0.5 incline
Knee didn’t hurt during this run.

Wednesday: 5 miles outside, core workout
Knee started to hurt about halfway through, but the pain went away so I kept running.

Thursday: 30 min pool running *I equate 10 min of pool running to a mile on dry land*
I decided to play it safe and not run 2 days in a row. This was my first day running in the pool and I really liked it! I’ll do a full post on it later.

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 3 miles on treadmill, 60 min pool running
This was originally supposed to be 5 miles on the T/M and a 40 min pool run, but my knee started hurting badly after 3 miles so I got off and spent the rest of the time in the pool.

Sunday: Body Pump

So, I transitioned to a lot of pool running towards the end of the week.  I’m going to do ONLY pool runs next week because my knee doesn’t feel better and even though my doc said it’s okay, I don’t feel comfortable running on dry land until it’s healed.  I might be doing pool running for a while, so it’s a good thing I kinda like it.

I count pool running as real runs right now because it feels a lot like running to me – the same muscles feel tired afterwards, I get the same euphoria I get from running.  Counting pool runs as real miles also keeps me from doing something stupid like going out and running 10 miles on land my injured knee because I need to train for my marathon.  Which I know I’m stupid and stubborn enough to do.

From what I’ve read online, pool runs should keep me from losing fitness, although I may not make many gains in speed.  I’m okay with that, because at least I’m not losing weeks of training!

Have you ever visited an art museum? Which one? I’ve been to 2 now – the MoMA and the one in this post.  I feel so cultured.

What was your best workout last week?


6 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week 2 Workout Log (20 Miles)

  1. Alexa

    Yikes! Only two art museums your whole life? I enjoy art museums, so here are the ones I remember and my opinions: MoMA in NYC and Musee D’Orsay in Paris (fantastic! Great for impressionist/modern); Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, Louvre in Paris, and Art Institute of Chicago (great for a wide variety and big name pieces); Smithsonian (only ok in my opinion); Guggenheim (a little too modern for my taste); and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (so small! Not worth it). But I like visiting big name art museums if I’m visiting a new city. Imagine how happy I’d be in Italy!!

    1. Dawn H.

      That is a lot of museums! But the National Gallery of Art isn’t on that list? We should add it to both our lists, and that would bring my total to 3 :)

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