Three Weeks.

Hey guys,

Happy hump day! I have to say, ever since I got back from break, work and life have felt really busy.  I’m balancing work, marathon training, blogging, daily life stuff, and class (starting tonight) on a day-to-day basis.  And as much as I love being busy, time is just flying by and each day kind of merges into the next, if you know what I mean – I wake up and sometimes have no idea what day it is!

So this past Sunday, when my pastor announced a church-wide fast for 21 days, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to reset myself for the new year and focus again on what’s most important.  The way we view fasting at our church (non-denominational Christian) is that you give something up for a short time to seek more of God.  Traditional fasting is giving up all food, but at our church we define fasting as giving up something that is currently important to your life – whether that be chocolate, meat, shopping, Facebook, whatever.

I don’t typically do food fasts because I have a rough history with food, so I started thinking about things that take up a lot of my time now that I could give up for three weeks.  I ruled out work, as tempting as that was, and really didn’t want to give up running (maybe I’ll try that another year).

All this to say what you might have guessed: I’m giving up blogging.  I’m a little late to the party since the fast started Sunday, but better late than never, right? For the next 18 days, Sneaker Therapy will have no new posts.  Part of me feels nervous about going dark for a few weeks, because I know that I could lose readership and my view stats will go down – stuff that’s important to me on a self-esteem level! But another part of me is excited because it’s an opportunity to grow in my faith and invest in what’s most important, in what lasts.

Anyway, I’ll be back on February 3th with a post, and I’ll still be responding to comments and reading your blogs until then! Thank you guys for visiting my lil’ corner of the blog-o-sphere and all your positive comments- you encourage me to keep writing!  See you in a few weeks :)

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